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Trying to squeeze in a team building activity this week, but don’t have much time? Maybe you just want to spice up your routine lunch at the office? Here’s the perfect, easy, fun and high-tech team building activity that you can do over lunch!

It can be tricky to find the time to fit in a full team building program. This high-tech team building activity can be done in a half hour to an hour. Lunch is the perfect time to do this! It provides a break for employees and will have them laughing for hours after you’re done. Ellen DeGeneres often plays this hilarious game on her show!

high-tech team building

Here’s How to Play:

  • Download the app “Heads Up!” on your smartphone.
  • Divide your group into two smaller teams and arrange yourselves in a circle
  • Begin the game by following the instructions on the app
  • Each person will take a turn holding the phone to their forehead (with the screen facing the group)
  • The app will display a word, and the members of that person’s team will have to explain to them (without saying the word itself) what the word is
  • The person holding the phone will have to guess what the word is CORRECTLY, in order for the team to win a point.

This game makes for a good laugh and great stories to share. Team members will instantly feel bonded over this game and will have something to talk about with each other for weeks after. You could even consider making this a weekly activity for your team during lunchtime!

high-tech team buildingNow, if you have more time for a team building activity and like using your smartphones, try our GoTek program. TeamBonding’s GoTek program is a high-tech scavenger hunt that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology and uses gamification to engage participants. These scaventures are completely customizable to your location, allowing you to interact with your actual environment.

Do you have any fun games that your team likes to play together? Let us know!

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