IMEX 2015 | Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

How does one put into words the feeling of being in the Las Vegas Convention Center with thousands of folks all in the event industry? IMEX 2015 was a nonstop crazy “workation” as the best of the best venues and vendors brought the very latest of what they had to offer. We felt right at home on this global stage as our colleagues in the event world all had one thing in common—they love their jobs and they love creating memorable and unique experiences.

Day one at IMEX 2015, after Smart Monday brought us appointments with fresh-faced potential clients, some of which we ran into during Tuesday evening’s FRESH dinner at Madame Tussauds. Attendees were surrounded by wonderful people, delicious food, and fantastic displays of celebrity wax figures. Brad and Angelina, Hugh Hefner, and Elvis were just a few who joined us for an evening of networking!

brad and angelina at imex

The GoTek WildGoose team was on site and we were happy to poke our heads in and see Ryan and the gang in the London booth in person for the first time since IMEX 2014! Our GoTek events remain one of our most popular and we couldn’t be happier with our partnership!

imex 2015

Day 2

If there’s one thing that stands out in the Teambonding community, it’s the design, implementation, and execution of our give-back events. We build bikes for kids, teddy bears for women’s shelters, military care packages and wheel chairs for active duty and injured military personnel and, with any luck, we’ll add Clean the World to our list of partnering organizations. Clean the World is inciting change in the way the hospitality industry handles leftover toiletries. By gathering up unused toiletries from hotels and other venues and organizing and distributing these products to women’s shelters, Clean the World is making a huge difference in the lives of women trying to make a fresh start (many times with children in tow). Teambonding spoke with Clean the World in hopes of working together to create events which facilitate the packaging and distributing of these care packages. Looking forward to a possible future together!

Wendy took some time out from appointments to visit Sharon from The Play Room! Sharon and Wendy hadn’t seen each other in awhile and what a surprise it was to see their “matching” outfits! It seems that left feet are an endangered species this time of year. So nice to catch up with Sharon and her Play Room was such a welcome distraction from the hustle bustle of the convention.

Day 3

Things started to wind down on day three as attendees started packing up their plethora of new information and heading out. We were so thankful to be a partner in the Boston booth and take part in such a cutting edge event. IMEX 2015 had a lot to offer and we did our best to soak up as much as possible. We met many wonderful people, including Mr. Holland and even Bradley Cooper (on loan from Madame Tussauds!) and we are walking away with a bright future of new potential partnerships ahead of us!

imex 2015

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