Playing The Virtual Blues – Hybrid Team Building

Playing the Virtual Blues Harmonica music team building is an excellent way to bring co-workers together virtually and to connect passion and fun back to working from home.

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Event Overview

"The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning."

Find your magic and rhythm!

Starting with the basics of how to hold the instrument correctly and breathe properly, your virtual Playing The Blues harmonica facilitator guides you all the way to play with a convincing classic blues sound. Within minutes, everyone on your team will be playing a real blues song.

We even include the ancient bluesy secrets of bending notes, vibrato, vocal effects, and more.

  • Everyone is mailed a harmonica to play.
  • They learn the art of the harmonica with a master musician virtually.
  • Teams create their own bands and find their magic and rhythm.
  • Create a Muddy Waters-style call and response song with their team!

The grand finale features your group as the stars: perform an original Muddy Waters-style call and response song that you’ve created, and even create a recording of your performance captured on video!

Event Details

Group Size

10 - 100

Time Needed

1 - 2 hours

Space Requirement

This is virtual and remote.  People can’t play ‘together’ at the same time because of Zoom millisecond time lag, but they can play ‘call and response’ – meaning one person plays something, there’s a space and the other person either plays the same thing back or something new – it’s a classic blues song technique.


Ideal For

Playing Virtual Blues Harmonica is a high energy experience, that literally, blows away perceived limitations to prove that with teamwork, good communication, and belief, anything is possible. It transforms teams by stretching personal limits, opening minds, and bringing individuals together in a unique and compelling way that will be long remembered. The team will be energized and exhilarated – they can now play the blues.


Breakout rooms will be used so people can create their own songs, can play one-on-one with other people and in small groups.


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