Drumming Up a Team

Drum up some fun for your team with this great TeamBonding program!

The Drumming Up a Team program focuses on energizing and motivating your company’s team. There are many benefits to drumming because it is an age-old, universally-practiced community/team building activity. This program has been proven to lower stress and heighten employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity levels!drumming up a team

To get the program started, groups will get together in teams or as a whole and choose which instruments they want to feature in their song. Next, they’ll create synchronized music that demonstrates why it is so important to work well with your team. Everyone in the group must communicate with others in order to get the percussion sound on key. See if you can get everyone’s feet tapping! In addition to the main instrument that will be used, drums, other percussion instruments will be available such as maracas and tambourines. These instruments will be used by everyone in the group to make a harmonious sound. Small instruments will be given to team members as a token to remember your TeamBonding event. They can have your company logo imprinted on it if desired so you can take your playing skills back to the office.

This program is completely customizable and the options are endless. You can participate in this program for anywhere from 15 to 180 minutes and for all different occasions. You can use this as an energizing opening or closing activity for corporate events, conferences or retreats, or you can create a percussion band and carry this program out for multiple days. Whatever the case, make sure to participate and see just how powerful music can be in strengthening and motivating your company’s team.

Find out what your company’s percussion group will sound like at this program while relieving stress and gaining motivation and drive with your team.

Molly Chronister

Team Contributor


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