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Get started with this simple DIY team building exercise.

DIY EXERCISE GOAL: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own personal value.

This is an ideal ice breaker for teams that have worked together for some period of time.

From this event, participants will:

  • Increase their self awareness;
  • Help others to increase their self concept;
  • Summarize the experience they just had;
  • Verbalize positive personal attributes; and,
  • Have fun!

diy team building exercise


(1) Get the entire group to write their names on the outside of a large envelope.

(2) Then have each member of your group write everyone else in the group a warm fuzzy on an index card or piece of paper to put inside the envelope.

(3) This warm fuzzy should express positive attributes that the receiver possesses, things the writer saw them do well, things they would like the receiver to know, etc.

(4) Once the note or each index card is finished, fold it and enclose it in the envelope of the respective participant.

Speaking of warm fuzzies, what a great way to kick off some charitable team building!

With your busy schedule it may be difficult to find time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, your team’s drives and personalities, your personal habits and values. Many of us just aren’t inclined to spend much time on self-reflection and we’re not always open to feedback.

When you work with your team to increase self-awareness, you empower them to make changes and to build on their individual areas of strength and identify areas where they can make improvements. Self-awareness is often a first step to goal setting.


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