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70% of lost productivity costs due to employee wellness challenges come through absenteeism, overtime, turnover, temp staffing, administration, replacement training and customer dissatisfaction.

It’s proven that healthy employees are more productive and enjoy their jobs the most.

More and more companies are integrating employee wellness strategies to enhance corporate culture and productivity. They’re seeing some real results! Corporate wellness is a complex, long-term investment. Culinary team building programs should be part of your strategy.

Cooking as a team…

  • encourages creativity;
  • fosters self-confidence & self-esteem;
  • instills values amongst team;
  • and promotes health & wellness.

boost employee wellness through culinary team building

The Great Appetizer Challenge: Little Dishes, Big Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to eating small plates as more frequent, smaller meals. The Great Appetizer Challenge is a powerful program to help boost employee wellness.

First, your group is divided into teams. Each team is then challenged to create appetizers that look great and taste great (no pigs in a blanket here). TeamBonding provides all of the necessary ingredients, utensils, and recipes.

Once the cooking is complete, all of the tempting creations will be showcased on a Grand Buffet for all participants to share and enjoy. In the event’s finale, the judges will select a champion based on taste, presentation, team work, and leadership.

What does your team do to boost employee wellness? Have you ever cooked as a team?

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