5 Team Building Best Practices Every Organization Should Implement

Team building: It is a very common term that is often discussed in many organizations today as a means of trying to get employees to accomplish common goals.  Although the term itself may have developed a more negative meaning over recent years, Forbes Magazine says, “Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people.  It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.”  In order for this to happen, you have to be innovative when coming up with team building activities.  Try to think past the often used group picnic idea, and implement team building practices that will allow employees and coworkers to use their strengths to bring better, long-term value to your business as a whole. We recommend implementing these 5 team building best practices at the workplace:

  1. Employee Recognition and Rewards System
  2. Team Lunch
  3. Group Exercise Initiatives
  4. Job Shuffle
  5. Bring Your Kids To Work

Learn more about how to utilize these team building best practices below.

Employees celebrate team building practices

1) Employee Recognition and Rewards System 

Many people know from first-hand experience that the grind of an eight hour work day can wear you down mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Obviously, if you are a business owner, you do not want to see this happen.  Motivated employees are more productive, which in turn, will increase the bottom line.  In order to accomplish this, many companies choose to offer a recognition and rewards system to their workers as a means of positive reinforcement.  Get creative:  Performance bonuses, gift cards, extended lunch breaks, extra vacation days are just a few things to keep in mind.

2) Lunch on Us 

“I’m starving!” This is said frequently in many office environments, and this idea is meant to go beyond just the break room or courtyard.  Lunch on us, at an off-site restaurant, is a great way for business owners to encourage team comradery among their employees.  Sharing food and having fellowship with the people you work with will greatly enhance creativity and communication skills.  This will also help in strengthening the personal bonds between co-workers, which will more often than not, strengthen the professional development of the workplace.

3) Everyone Exercise

team building practices group work-out

Many of us have been there.  Sometimes we get so caught up in putting so many hours in on the job that we forget to make time for ourselves.  This can definitely have a negative effect on your health over time, especially if you work in an office setting.  Get some co-workers, and go exercise together.  Doing group fitness workouts generates positive results in many areas.  You are more likely stay motivated if you are being held accountable by others.  Having friends and colleagues by your side will also allow you to push each other, and enjoy the feeling of success together.  And of course, you are more likely to lose weight, burn calories, and be in better overall shape if you are working out with a group of people.

4) Job Shuffle

This will take some creativity, common sense, and discretion.  However, it is a great way to get people to think outside the box, and have a stronger appreciation for different responsibilities within the business or team.  A common use of this example would be shuffling players around at a little league football or baseball practice.  This allows members of your team to become more versatile, which increases the overall value of the organization.

5) Bring Your Kids to Work

“I need more time with my kids,” is a phrase that we often hear at many places of employment.  Well, bring them to work with you.  Within reason, this is a concept that when implemented accordingly, can really bring fun and excitement to the workplace.  Many youngsters would gladly trade sitting in their school desk for sitting behind dad’s work desk for a day if their schedules allow.  This will not only give you more bonding time with your kids, but it will also bring everyone in your organization closer together as a whole.

What team building practices work for your organization?

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