4 People You’ll Meet at the Company Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again…you’ve received the company holiday party invitation, and you’ve made the executive decision to go. Who else is going to be there? Whoever ends up coming, these are 4 people you’re likely to meet at your company’s holiday party.

The One-Upper
This person is the one who somehow always manages to top you in every way possible. They thrive in social situations where people talk about their personal lives, because that’s the best way to interject facts about their own. Oh, you had a bad day at work? Well, let them tell you about theirs, because it was WAY worse. Your kid scored a goal in soccer last week? Well, their kid is the top scorer on their team. You’re loving the cheese tray they’ve put out at the party? You should let them tell you about a cheese tray that they once made for a party because it was amazing! Our suggestion? Just walk away from this person. You’re never going to win.

The Drunk
company holiday partyThe person who threw back a few too many during the cocktail hour is now going to be made mercilessly fun of in the office come Monday morning. If your party is on a weeknight, this person will be trudging into the office the next morning trying to be discreet about the massive hangover he or she woke up with. Make sure this isn’t you! There is a time and a place for throwing back one too many drinks, and it might not be the best time to do it in the company of your coworkers. The way you conduct yourself outside of work will say a lot to your coworkers about your character. However, if it’s your boss who’s the drunk one, you might want to make the most of the moment and ask for a raise during this time. (Kidding).

The Wild Card
Every day at work, this person sits quietly at their desk and goes about his or her day without any surprises. But take them out of the office environment, and it’s like meeting a whole new person! The mystery has been unlocked and getting this person out of the comfort of the 9-5 routine has opened up your eyes to who they really are. Chatty, fun and interesting, this person will really come out of their shell once they have a drink or two and are starting to feel more relaxed. Our tip? Get to know this person! They’re probably a great coworker to have, and you might gain a new friend once you’ve seen them outside of the office.

The Life of the Party
This person is probably the coworker in your office who talks the loudest, gathers everybody together for lunch breaks, and organizes the office lottery pools. They’re outgoing and friendly, and a natural leader at work. Out of the office environment, they’re just the same (minus the workload). They’ll be at the bar ordering shots for everybody, or making their rounds in the room to make sure they’ve talked to each and every person. You’ll probably even spot them chatting up the boss with an arm around his or her shoulder. Our suggestion is to tag along with this person if you’re looking for a good way to be introduced to new people at the company, or if you just want to have a good time at the party.

Which of the four choices best describes you?

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