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Yesterday we received an email from a client about her experience with our charity bike build. As per usual, the email was forwarded from our Event Managers to our Client Solutions Managers to our Facilitators on to our Production Team and then circulated around the rest of our office. Each forward contained a message of support, congratulations and thanks for a job well done. One particular message stated, “This is probably the best review I have ever read.” Could that be true? I have included it below – you can decide.

bike build clearwater“Hey Stephanie and THANK YOU! What a most magical, moving event you provided for us. I think the bike building will go down as one of my favorite moments in my life. Completely moving. It was so put together. Deric was awesome. Connie was fantastic, as well as the other leaders. We just all had a blast. I would recommend you to anyone! Do you happen to have one of the pictures Deric took at the end? I can’t wait to see those kids’ faces again.”

As the founder of TeamBonding, I have seen and heard a lot of praise in the past 20+ years and I have to agree, this one could be the best review I have ever read. It has it all, the kids, the facilitator adoration and the part about how organized the team building program was. Plus, she said that our bike building event was one of the favorite moments of her life. Wow! Now that is why we do what we do.

We have a lot of testimonials for our team building exercises that come from emails like this following great events. Each of these testimonials is a true testament to the success of the work that we did for a company and we have so many more that we don’t publish on the site.

team building quotes

Each one of these testimonials represents an event, one that was first handled by the Client Solutions Manager who identified the perfect fit for a company’s needs around building teamwork. Then conversation was transitioned to an Event Manager who worked on all the details to get a team building program ready for the Facilitator. Then the Facilitator led the team building exercises and eventually Accounting billed and paid our expenses. Everyone on our team is a part of your success and we love getting emails like the one we got yesterday… and the day before… and the day before that.

We love what we do and what we do is make your teams more successful. We bring your team together using the Power of Play. While your team reaps the direct benefits of long lasting bonds, our team shares in that success. Do you have any success stories that you’d like to share?

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The Charity Bike Build

Group Size: 15 - 1,000
Time: 1 - 2 hours

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