Where Employers are Going Wrong When It Comes to Team Management

Teams can make or break an establishment. A coordinated team that is being managed effectively can cause profits to skyrocket and customers to pledge their loyalty. An under-managed team, however, can cause dismal and disastrous things to occur.

team management


Lowered team morale, competitor scoffing and unhappy customers can manifest when team management lacks crucial elements. Each boss must be careful to stay on top of managing his team to bring forth positive results.



The following are some of the most common mistakes that occur when it comes to team management:

Task Delegation

All team members are supposed to help each other out with their tasks. However, every team member still has at least one area for which he or she is responsible. A common mistake that managers make is that they fail to clearly define responsibilities when they delegate tasks. Shoddy delegation leads to assumed blended responsibility, which can lead to incomplete jobs when miscommunication exists with it. Therefore, the manager must be sure that they let their workers know exactly where they stand.

Poor Communication

Poor communication is another common problem that employers have with their teams. Leaders need to be available for questions, problems, and concerns at all times. Furthermore, they must make their employees comfortable about contacting them to deal with such issues. Business leaders can nip this problem in the bud by providing all team members with email addresses, phone numbers and chat handles that they can use when the need arises.

Failure to Use Efficient Employee Monitoring Practices

Many employers struggle when it comes to employee monitoring. Such employers try to monitor their workers and their team efforts by themselves. Ineffective monitoring can be detrimental to both the business and the team, as your restricted from being able to fully understand the cause of issues.

team management software screenshotBy installing appropriate work planner tools and software, there is no reason for employers to put themselves through such a struggle. Planning software will take care of reporting for you, and will provide an efficient way to see what employees are up to. This provides ease as you can identify a problem before it develops and you can better manage the team from a greater perspective, as opposed to micromanaging every individual and task in the team.

Slow Conflict Resolution

Slow conflict resolution is another problem that management members have when they run teams. Some members are slow to react because they underestimate the problem. Other leaders lack the appropriate level of conflict resolution training. That problem can be resolved with some short courses on conflict management and problem diffusion. Conflict resolution training is available at a variety of institutions. Online courses and webinars are also available and some of them are very short in duration.

Lack of Personalised Care

Some employers do not take the time to give the members of their team personalized coaching or training. Although teams may work on a single goal such as a sales goal, the members are still individuals. Many of them could benefit greatly if the boss would spend some time speaking to them about their strengths and weaknesses. Managers can work on this issue by scheduling timely reviews and one-on-one sessions with each review.

Unfruitful Feedback

The feedback that employees receive from their employers often shapes their performances and their overall work attitude. An offended employee is a disgruntled employee, and a disgruntled employee can be destructive. Some employers must be careful not to always provide negative feedback. They should not lie and praise an employee who has done a poor job. Instead, the employer can find a tactful way to bring up the problem areas while shedding light on the areas in which the employee excels. Employers who are not strong in that area can take some refresher courses in leadership.

The above are some of the most common problems when it comes to team management. Trainers and team leaders can improve the situation by reviewing each one of those areas and making sure that nothing is lacking there. The suggested solutions are effective steps that those leaders can take.


Lizzie Brown

Team Contributor


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