Jury Duty

In this fun team building challenge, you’ll work to unravel a crime mystery and decide on a verdict. Interact with live actors, review the visual and audio evidence, then put your powers of deductive reasoning to the test.

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This event has bonded more teams than we can count but has finally run its course and is now considered part of The Departed. Below you'll find a scrolling list of additional events that are considered great alternatives. If you really loved Jury Duty and think it should be brought back from The Departed, let us know by voting using the button below!

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Look at the evidence. Interview the defendant. Cast your verdict.

Our immersive true-crime mysteries deliver the thrill of a live performance into your home with skill and enthusiasm. They require every member of your team to be focused and motivated as they locate, decipher and sift through the evidence. You even get to question defendants as you piece together the details of the crime. 

But then, just as you think you’ve got things figured out, a new wave of incoming calls, texts and emails will appear. Does this new information change everything? Who – and what – can you really trust?

We offer three immersive cases, all based on actual crimes. Each is designed to put your team’s investigative skills to the test like never before. Choose any one, or go for the trifecta and enjoy solving all three. 

Choose Your Case

The Arsonist – One fire. One dead man. One guilty plea for arson, but not for murder. Something doesn’t add up.

The Inquest – One body in the river. Six statements. Ten years of questions. What happened to Scott Davies?

The Office Party – After the carnage of the office party last night, a dead body – the boss. You have two witnesses in the drunk tank, and limited time to find out what they saw – if they can remember.

Team size
  • 10-20
Time needed
  • 2 hours
Space requirement

Each participant needs a computer with web cam, microphone and stable internet connection. This event runs in your browser, so there’s no app to download. We highly recommend playing on a computer rather than a mobile device. This will allow you to have Zoom open in one window while you visit websites and read documents. If you prefer a video conferencing platform other than Zoom, just let us know.

Ideal for
  • Problem-solving
  • Developing strategy
  • Improving online collaboration 
  • Sharpening observation skills

TeamBonding is all about customization. Would you like specific elements of company branding, culture and/or mission statement woven into your program? Just let us know what you have in mind. For groups larger than 20, your dedicated event manager will help you find a way to accommodate.

Choose Your Case

All three experiences challenge teams to work together to unravel a mystery and decide the defendant’s fate. You’ll interact with live actors, review written, visual and audio evidence, and come to a collective conclusion via a vote.

The questions you ask, and what avenues of investigation you pursue, are up to you.

The Arsonist


This crime challenge features a live actor as the defendant, plus a dedicated facilitator to keep the whole experience on track. You have the power to decide the fate of a man charged with arson and murder. As you question him and sift through a the evidence database, you’ll also have incoming texts, calls, and emails trying to sway your decision. You’ll also uncover new evidence that needs to be decrypted. Can your team work together effectively enough to find the truth?

The Inquest


This crime challenge features two live actors in the roles of an overworked Coroner and a tech-whiz Archivist. You’ll also have access to classified files and recordings from a decade-old cold murder case. As you sift through social media, reply to mysterious emails and decipher puzzles to uncover new information, you and your team must work with the Coroner and Archivist in your quest to uncover the real facts of the case. But who can you actually trust?

The Office Party


The Office Party really brings the fun and excitement of a live event to the virtual experience. In this crime challenge, you’ll need to cross-examine two outlandish characters. Naturally, they both have conflicting stories. As you question your hilarious witnesses, your job is to cut through their drunken haze and sort the lies from the truth. Between the eyewitness accounts and security camera footage, can you figure out what really happened on that fateful night? Who killed the boss? And more importantly, why?

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