Team Building with Charitable Programs

There’s no better way to kick start the holiday season than with a little team building activity and giving back to the community. TeamBonding has a number of programs that allow you to do both at the same time!

Charitable programsOur Charity Build a Bike Team Building Activity is one of the most rewarding experiences. Teams race against each other to construct a number of children’s bicycles. These bicycles will be gifted to young children whose families cannot afford to buy them one. We usually partner with charities such as Boy and Girls Clubs and Bikes for Tykes, but we can also partner with a local charity of your choice!

You could assemble wagons, bikes, musical instruments, toys or stuffed animals! Toys for Tykes is another one of our popular philanthropic Charitable programsevents that allows your team to spend time together while giving a wonderful gift to people that are in need. Our staff will ensure you have a successful team building experience full of teamwork, friendly competition and laughter.

Team Teddy Rescue Bear aims to provide children in need with a fluffy customized teddy bear!  Each team will go through a series of obstacles in order to get the materials they need to build a series of custom teddy bears.  Teams will challenge each other to earn points to buy the necessary items to create the perfect teddy bear. This program not only benefits your team, but it also puts a smile on the children’s faces who receive the teddy bears – it’s a win-win!

Wheelchairs in Motion puts a spin on our classic Charity Bike Build program. Your group will be put to the test in order to earn the parts necessary to assemble, decorate and test a wheel chair for donation.Wheelchairs in Motion aims to provide an opportunity for your team to build relationships with each other in addition to providing disabled individuals with the proper mobility assistance that they would otherwise not have.

Charitable programs Finally, the charity extravaganza: The Ultimate Charity Build. This program combines all of TeamBonding’s charitable team building programs into one mega charity event! At the end of the Ultimate Charity Build, you and your team will have an abundance of donations that will go towards a charity in need and put a smile on someone’s face.

All of these programs will leave your team closer and feeling accomplished – and it will give a boost to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Especially now, right before the holidays, take advantage of these charitable programs!

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