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About Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein is a keynote speaker who brings 15 years of game-changing leadership in the world of professional sports to the public speaking stage. Paul offers in person and virtual keynote presentations online.

Read about the keynote he offers below.

Paul Epstein may not be a hard charging running back on the actual football field, but his list of high-profile wins in the world of sports will have you thinking that he could be. Paul’s spent nearly 15 years as a pro sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, global agencies, and the NFL league office. He’s transformed numerous NBA teams from the absolute bottom in league revenue to top-two in financial performance. He’s broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history as the NFL’s sales leader. He’s opened a billion-dollar stadium, helped save the New Orleans NBA franchise, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy. How has Paul done all this? By Playing Offense.

Now, he brings his unmatched expertise and transformative strategy to your event as a keynote speaker.

• Thrilling Stories Ripped from the Headlines. From a high stakes pitch to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to being inside the 49ers boardroom in the aftermath of Colin Kaepernick kneeling to saving New Orleans’ NBA team by inspiring an entire city, Paul has had a front row seat for many of the most fascinating stories in sports—and brings their powerful lessons to every keynote.

• Proven Business Results.
Paul has spent 15 years leading some of the most odds-defying business turnarounds in sports franchise history. From shattering an all-time Super Bowl revenue mark, to eclipsing billion-dollar expectations while opening Levi’s Stadium, to transforming NBA sales teams to the top ranks – Paul’s track record has been tested and proven again and again, and is built to last.

• Emphasis on Culture.
Paul’s keynotes aren’t designed to leave attendees feeling motivated for the rest of the day—they’re built to transform the culture of entire companies and organizations for the better in a lasting way – knowing that culture is our ultimate competitive advantage.

• Organizational and Personal Transformation.
When an unmatched approach involves combining organizational strategies with the power of personal transformation, Paul recognizes that we can’t change our companies or outcomes until we change our own mindsets and behaviors.

• Inspiring the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
With insights from leading business teams in the professional sports world, collaborating with leaders in the U.S. Special Forces, to consulting leaders across Fortune 100 companies, Paul will share his playbook on how to infuse daily leadership practices through all ranks of your organization.

KEYNOTE: In Person & Virtual Keynote Presentation


Until you tap into the full potential of your people, you’re placing an artificial ceiling on performance, productivity, and profits. To break through these barriers, learn how the Power of Purpose can Inspire Peak Performance.

Paul Epstein has led these cultural transformations within the professional sports industry, coaching business teams in the NFL, NBA, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office – leading revenue operations for multiple Super Bowls – and has since had the opportunity to coach, consult, train, and collaborate with high performance leaders across industry, including the U.S. Special Forces, major league sports franchises, Fortune 100 teams and organizations, university officials, and global non-profit leaders.

From these cultural learnings and insights, Paul developed a proven, ‘all gas no brakes’ methodology to help business professionals and organizations spark intrinsically motivated environments of high purpose, trust, grit, recognition, tribal bonds, impact, and legacy.

He calls it… Playing Offense.

Whether you’re pushing to achieve revenue targets or leading a large team of operating executives, Paul’s Playing Offense mindset drives victories in the most competitive of landscapes and serves as a beacon to breakthrough to new, previously unimaginable levels of success and performance.

The end game…Inspired People, Thriving Organizations, and Championship Culture.

Audience outcomes include:

1: Learn a proven, five-part Playing Offense playbook to achieve internal and external transformation in any arena – by playing the “Inside Game”

2: Activate lessons and insights on leading and building high performance business teams from the NFL and NBA inside your organization

3: Ignite meaning and mission to inspire your team and amplify engagement

4: Unearth a competitive spirit of grit and resilience to transform inevitable disruption and adversity into courageous achievement

5: Inspire significance and purpose in your organizational culture to develop teams of high trust, accountability, and intrinsic motivation

6: Master the dynamics of best-in-class employee experience to attract, develop, and retain your best talent

7: Acquire firsthand the inside secrets of leadership and cultural transformation from the high-performance world of professional sports


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