Wheels Around the World

In this philanthropic event, each team will sponsor a wheelchair, complete a set of activities, decorate and personalize a wheel safety cover, and discover more about their recipients. Participants will make a direct impact on a person’s life while at the same time raising awareness of what it is like to live with a disability.

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100 million people in the world need a wheelchair, 65 million people cannot afford one

Wheels Around the World is a unique CSR team building opportunity for organizations to make a real difference in the world and, at the same time, build team morale, cohesion, and purpose.

After an informative opening presentation, teams will use our custom app on iPads to learn more about a past wheelchair recipient. They will do a ‘case study’ and answer specific questions to earn a wheel-spoke safety cover to personalize and decorate. The spoke guard gets attached to the actual chair that they are sponsoring and reduces the fear and stigma that a wheelchair can produce for the recipient.

Teams will make a short presentation of their case study to the entire group. A moving closing presentation by the facilitator rounds out this fantastic CSR event.

Your team will feel good about themselves, their colleagues, their company, and what they have all accomplished together. This is not just a short-term feeling – this event will be remembered for years to come

All chairs will be donated through The Walkabout Foundation. Each team will receive a photo of the recipient of their sponsored chair. This amazing organization has enabled over 16,000 wheelchairs to be distributed to people in need.

Team size
  • 8 - 200
Time needed
  • 2 hrs
Space requirement

This event can be run indoors or as a mix of indoor and outdoor. A large open space is needed, along with a table for each team and chairs for each participant with roughly a 20′ x 30′ space to set up a wheelchair course. A wireless mic will be required for groups larger than 50 people.

Ideal for
  • Motivating your team
  • Making a positive difference in the world
  • Raising awareness of disabilities
  • Working together towards a common goal

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