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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Your City Scaventure!

Program Overview

11581_10151459041836306_1310529197_nFew activities are more fun than a good scavenger hunt. We have been doing these hunts for more than 25 years. Starting with Polaroid cameras and limousines, the first year we did our largest event with 240 participants and 40 limousines.  Since then, we have produced thousands of these events and when produced by TeamBonding, this photo scavenger hunt makes for a very powerful team building event that encourages strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions.

Team are supplied with a scavenger hunt kit including a customized, original scavenger hunt list (including information that you provide), a digital camera, a map of the area and even a team mascot.

We set your group loose on the streets of the city of your choice, completely customizing the whole wild adventure to your specific location and agenda. Throw in history, trivia and other customized corporate information, and you have all the makings of an engaging and memorable team building event.

Far from a garden-variety corporate scavenger hunt, the City Scaventure features a liberal sprinkling of clues, trivia and hilarious team and object recovery challenges. Based on your direction, TeamBonding provides a selection of fun and appropriate prizes for everyone involved. Bring it all to a close with team presentations (and awards ceremony) and a narrated slide show and optional post-hunt debrief by experienced TeamBonding facilitators or entertaining comedic performers. The Photo Scavenger Hunt finishes at a bar or restaurant for drinks, post-race storytelling and recognition of teams (first, worst, funniest … you decide!).


Group Size

12 – 1,000+

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

A private space large enough for the group to gather for the launch and the wrap up. They can be two different locations if you desire. The wrap up location should have or be capable of having a slide-show presentation to your entire group.

Ideal For


  • Encourage creativity
  • Reinforce company identity
  • Celebrations

Just about everything in a scavenger hunt can be tailored. From the missions to be completed to how many points each is worth. Our event managers tweak it until it’s perfect!

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