Team Teddy Rescue Bear

Welcome to the original Teddy Bear team building event. In this heartwarming charitable activity, your entire group pitches in to spread warmth and kindness to children in need. A little kindness really does go a long way.

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The Original Teddy Bear Team Building Event!

Our teddy bear charity challenge is both fun and altruistic. It offers real, lasting benefits, both for your people and for the children whose lives are touched by the snuggly bears you create. The outcome is always a win-win – the smiles on your team’s faces will be every bit as bright as those of the deserving kids you’re helping. You can also choose to make soft knotted blankets to accompany your bears.

But there’s more going on here than just bears and blankets. To acquire the necessary materials, you’ll have puzzles to solve, codes to decipher, and secrets to unravel. Each team earns points as they successfully complete these challenges. In the final half hour, teams redeem their points for high-quality teddy bear parts. Once your fuzzy friends are complete, you can add outfits and accessories to give each its own huggable personality. 

Without exception, our clients find this event to be incredibly rewarding on multiple levels. Usually, the greatest challenge is letting go of these cute little creatures after putting so much heart into their creation. But the results are worth it.

Team size
  • 12 – 400
Time needed
  • 2 hours
Space requirement

This is an indoor program. We need enough space to comfortably accommodate a table and chairs for each team, and banquet tables to hold all your supplies.

Ideal for
  • Celebrating company benchmarks
  • Community service
  • Annual debriefing 
  • A sales meeting add-on
  • Any all-hands event

The Bears & Blankets option is a great place to start. Beyond that, TeamBonding can customize this team building event by weaving your organization’s logo, culture or theme into the activity. We’re also happy to help identify local recipients and coordinate your donation.

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