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Silk Road Traders

Team Building Business Game

Program Overview

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An exciting team building business game and team journey through the cultures, customs and potential pitfalls of the famous Silk Road as they join an exotic caravan in search of opportunity, profit, and adventure.

Silk Road Traders is a tactile team building game for employees that also has a unique multi-national flavor. The game is set in the ever-changing and dynamic environment of the old Silk Road where East truly meets West.  Teams journey along the famous Silk Road in Camel Caravans where conflicting agendas can be reconciled for strategic mutual gain, or end in a destructive competition that may doom the entire caravan.

Fun and adventure are balanced with some good business acumen as each team seeks to trade profitably in their exotic goods.   Values that vary depending upon what town they may find themselves in at any given time, and the motivations of the buyers.

 The journey is punctuated with a noisy and energetic camel race at the Oasis of Palmyra along with some unexpected twists that may seriously impact the unprepared (or those suffering from disunity).  The most profitable team will be the one who achieves their own goals while avoiding the short-term profits that may come from unnecessary conflict and disunity with those around them.

Silk Road is an enjoyable, engaging and meaningful team building game for employees where individuals and teams can project their team skills into a challenging program while also having a great deal of fun.

 innovative team buildingThis is an Innovation Lab program from our partner in Australia. We always have some fresh new team building brainstorm under development. Remember, every event we offer has to start somewhere. The opportunity for you? A deeply discounted, deeply memorable experience when you let us test-drive our latest creation on your team. Of course, we’ll want photos and video – you will, too.  Visit our Innovation Lab >


Group Size

20 - 100

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Ideal For
  • Teamwork
  • Team roles
  • Leadership
  • Collaborative competition
  • Negotiation and trading
  • Client focus, client needs
  • Changing market forces
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Persistence
  • Determination
  • Networking
  • Fun

Our history-based team building events are far more than just a fun opportunity to dress up (and that is fun!). The genre, legends and success stories from history that we have designed these events around are also very rich seams for business themes, issues and insights.  TeamBonding presents these with our partner in Australia and in the Middle East.

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