Breaking Barriers

"This is an experience not a lecture!

EVERYONE breaks through. Everyone’s success is cheered and celebrated. Everyone takes home a memento that is theirs to keep forever. The sense of empowerment that people feel is second to none and your team will celebrate it together.



We like to keep things fresh and exciting here at TeamBonding. Teams evolve, we evolve. That is why we’re bringing you a new team building exercise, the unique and inspiring Breaking Barriers program.

We can be our “own worst enemy”when we let self-imposed barriers stand in our way. Sometimes, what stops us are matters outside our control, but, ultimately, we have more power over creating success in our lives than we think.In this program participants will literally break through the barriers that have been holding them back. Everyone in the session will use a one-inch thick, twelve inch square wood board as a metaphor for the obstacles and barriers we often put in our way to keep us from achieving our goals. Participants will then break through the board, using either their hand or their foot, as a physical metaphor for breaking through their barriers and achieving greatness in their life.

Through presenter-led discussion, participants will determine for themselves their own barriers. They’ll choose one barrier that they are committed to working on, and write that barrier on their board. Examples of barriers include fear of failure, procrastination, fear of rejection, fear of success, addictions etc. On the other side of the board, they will write the outcomes they will achieve or gain in their life, once they have committed to breaking through the barrier.

Have your team Breaking Barriers at your next event!

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 Break on Through

Group size

10 - 500

Time needed

1.5 - 2 hours

Space requirements

Tech Needs: Standard tech PLUS one board per participant, one crayon per participant, two cinder blocks per 25 people.

“Please forward to Marc how much we LOVED him!  It was perfect – gotten lots of emails, calls, posts on FB – it made such a difference!  The session was outstanding – unbelievable!”

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