Extraordinary Breakthroughs

Once your team accomplishes this, the possibilities of what they can now do will be limitless.

We absolutely love this activity as does everyone that does it. EVERYONE breaks through. Everyone’s success is cheered and celebrated. Everyone takes home a prize that is theirs to keep forever. The sense of empowerment that people feel is second to none and your team will celebrate it together.



Board Breaking Team Building

We like to keep things fresh and exciting here at TeamBonding. Teams evolve, we evolve. That is why we’re bringing you a new team building exercise, the unique and inspiring Extraordinary Breakthroughs program.

In today’s economy, what holds an organization back can become crushing overnight. Employees must become not just good, but extraordinary at breaking through personal and professional barriers in order to succeed as individuals and as teams. In Extraordinary Breakthroughs, Andrew shares the insights that will guide your team through this energizing, exciting and fun exercise to breakthrough anything that has been holding them back.

Breaking a wood board with your bare hands is a powerful activity that can be part of any conference, team meeting or development program.

What holds people back is their BS … their Belief Systems. People encounter challenges every day. When they overcome a major challenge, the belief system changes. Breaking a board with your bare hands, is absolutely achievable, wildly rewarding and extraordinarily empowering.

Every participant brings their greatness with them wherever they go. With a few shifts in their belief system, they move from “I can’t” to “I can” and “I am.” The breakthrough happens in a moment. The result of breaking through lasts a lifetime.

So why do it?

  • Face one’s fears and break down limiting beliefs
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved focus
  • And lastly … Why not?

“The world demands results… not excuses.”  We invite your organization to experience Extraordinary Breakthroughs today!


Group size

25 - 500

Time needed

1 - 2 hours

“Please forward to Marc how much we LOVED him!  It was perfect – gotten lots of emails, calls, posts on FB – it made such a difference!  The session was outstanding – unbelievable!”

imgres A.C., The Marvis Center

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