The Scavenger Hunter



This energizing icebreaker is a great way to get to know your coworkers! The Scavenger Hunter Icebreaker Game takes about 15 to 30 minutes, and during that time participants are encouraged to learn a little more about each other and work cooperatively in a fun and interactive way.

Everything you need is ready to go in the included download and you can choose from either a Blank Hunt, People Hunt, Car Hunt or Hotel Hunt. All you need to do is photocopy the scavanger list you wish to use and distribute a copy to each group.

How to Play:

1. Make sure you have a safe space for the participants–be sure to set boundaries for play that include a time limit and the limits on the area for the hunt. The Scavenger Hunter Icebreaker Game for Coworkers is best played mid-morning or mid-afternoon as a re-energizer.

2. Get your team to sit in a small group where they can see the screen; table rounds work well. Invite them to play The Scavanger Hunter as a table group, and prior to playing hand out the photocopied search lists (included on the CD), one for every table.

3. In small-group teams, invite the participants to collect as many items as they can that appear on their list. It can be beneficial to give each group a grocery bag or box to put their collected items in. You may also use digital cameras or camera phones to “collect” items.

4. Once the teams have collected their items in the time allotted, have them return to an official scoring station to tally points to declare bragging rights for the winner. You can award prizes if you like, can even present awards for several categories like the fastest time, most/least items, strangest item, etc. It’s nice when there are lots of prizes.

5. Have fun!

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