Picture Perfect

January 23, 2015

Molly Chronister

Team Contributor

Your inner Picasso is just screaming to come out at this event!

Do you need to get your art ideas up on a canvas for everyone to see? You will be able to do just that at the Picture Perfect program. The goal at this event is to paint many separate canvases and arrange them together to see the bigger picture your team has created. Teams will spilt up to paint their individual canvases and need to work together to make sure it lines up with the next canvas. This will exercise your communication and collaborating skills, so, it will be a challenge but a fun one at that! picture perfect

The end result will be a huge canvas that you can take back to work so it will remind your company of what being on a team is all about. There is even a charitable version of this program that allows you to donate your artwork to a hospital or charity!

Your company will take away a great time and team bonding experience from this program. Being able to work together to form something much larger is everything that being on a team encompasses.

Put on your smocks and pour the paint! Get ready to create something much bigger than you’re expecting.

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