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By: Kristin Gately|March 8, 2013| Save This Idea


Would you believe that sometimes a wild goose chase is a good thing? Well, it is! In fact, sometimes it’s the difference between work and teamwork.

Quickly get your team working together towards a common goal with one of these best team building programs, TeamBonding Scaventures – total world domination!

Okay, maybe not total world domination, but your team will be working together to earn points and achieve goals from the very first minute, culminating in a high energy wrap up to see everyone’s exploits along the way.

The Best Team Building Run Down

Ever find yourself thinking “I bet there’s an app for that”? You’d be spot on with our GoTek Smartphone Scaventure. GoTek is our cutting-edge smartphone-based Scaventure that takes participants on a customized hunt and gets them exploring their surroundings and competing as a team in their choice of 20-30 photo challenges out of a list of 100. This program is great for getting people interacting in a whole new way, fostering creativity and strategic thinking, and emphasizing the fun in teamwork.

Interested in doing a give back program, but hesitant to give up an opportunity for a little fun? Theme your hunt with GoTek for Charity! This program combines the fun of our smartphone-based photo scavenger hunt with equally entertaining philanthropic challenges that bring out the best in your group, as well as contribute to the overall good in the community. You and your team present toys, backpacks and school supplies, canned/dry goods and medical supplies, or other needed resources to a local charity at the culmination of this event. These events are a HUGE hit among participants and communities alike. You get to leave  with your group full of warm and fuzzy feelings.

GoTek-ed out yet? No? You must be wondering about our other themed high-tech events, designed for your Scaventure pleasure! We also offer GoTek Spy Hunt. Does your group have what it takes to illicit the needed information from our Secret Agents in the field? This photo scavenger hunt is sure to bring out the covert agent in all of your participants! Not up for a day of espionage and intrigue?

Does your group deserve a day of fun indulgence instead? Enter the GoTek Chocolate scaventure! This photo scavenger hunt will have your group pushing the limits of competition (not to mention your blood sugar levels!) as you race to collect points AND treats. But don’t worry, the calories don’t count if it’s only half, really tiny, if you’re sharing or if the piece is broken.



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