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By: Emily D|October 20, 2016| Save This Idea


Ice breakers and puzzle games have their place, but sometimes you just want to get together as a group, and play. Here at TeamBonding, encouraging play is what we’re all about! When you play as a team, you develop and strengthen social bonds, which makes working together a more rewarding experience all around. With this in mind, we’re excited to share a free game for you to play with your team the next time you need to relax and have some fun.

Introducing: MAFIA

play as a team: mafiaHave you ever been to one of our murder mystery dinner shows? How about experiencing one of our live-action adventures? Well, this game recalls the fun of interactive participation in a mystery or adventure hunt, without leaving the office. Set in a Godfather-esque mob town, the object of this game is to catch the mafia hit man offing towns people, before everyone else ends up sleeping with the fishes.

This game needs at least eight people, but it’s more fun when there’s more people playing, so gather everyone together and play as a team! This game can be played in a conference room, open concept office space or break room. The only requirement is that there is enough space that players can keep their cards hidden from each other.

So what’s the game?

play as a teamThis game takes place during two stages, “day” and “night.” At the start of the game, The Godfather is selected. The Godfather acts as the narrator of the story, painting mental pictures for the players and keeping track of everyone’sroles. Once a Godfather is selected, they tell the townspeople to “go to sleep,” at which point all other players must close their eyes. The Godfather then hands out player cards, which will assign the different character rolls. A Hit Man, a Doctor and a Detective are assigned, while everyone else are given townsfolk cards

Over the course of the game, it’s the job of the Hit Man to try and “kill” all the other players, the job of the Doctor to try to save them, and the job of the Detective to try to root out the Hit Man. This download also includes some other special character cards, who can be added to the mix for bigger groups. The game ends when the Hit Man is killed, or the rest of the townspeople are dead. The game can go fairly rapidly, so consider playing more than once, allowing multiple people to take on the roles of Hit Man, Doctor, and Detective.

Get playing

This download includes everything you need to get playing right away. In it you’ll find a more detailed overview of the game, and instructions for all of the different character types. It also includes player cards, one sheet of special characters and one sheet of townsfolk cards. Just print the townsfolk sheet as many times as you need so everyone can have a card. (We recommend printing on heavier paper if you have it, so players can’t see through the backs of other people’s cards.)

Once your cards are cut up and everyone’s read the instructions, you’re ready to play as a team. Have fun with this game, it can get wacky and ridiculous, and can be memorable for everyone involved!

Download the game: MAFIA


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