Feature Friday | Charity Team Building Activities

Raise your hand if you have ever gone to, or taken your children to, Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Charity Team Building Activities - Teddy Bear

 I love it. I seriously consider it to be the Disney World of the Mall. When I was younger, my Mother refused to walk by that wing of the South Shore Plaza because she could easily predict the fit I would throw to go in there.

Just thinking about all of the stuffing, and the cute outfits, and the wide varieties of bears, brings back such fond memories.

Our philosophy here at TeamBonding is that our events are founded on the power of play. So what is a better idea than to replicate the Build-A-Bear Workshop with our own Teddy Rescue Bear Build?

Charity Team Building Activities: Team Teddy Rescue Bear

However, our Teddy Rescue Bear Build has one distinct factor that separates it from the Build-A-Bear Workshop: Charity.

For me, I always had my stuffed animals sitting at the foot of my bed, only to move for the occasional tea-party or sleepover. After my early adolescence, my stuffed animals were pretty much inactive and were eventually bagged up and moved to reside in the attic.Charity Team Building Activities - Teddy Bear

Instead of sitting in a mountainous pile of stuffed animals at the end of some kid’s bed, the Teddy Bears built at our event are donated to deserving kids who might not even have a bed to pile Teddies at the end of.

In most cases, we donate the bears to Hugs Across America. Hugs Across America is a non-profit organization that collects Teddy Bears to distribute to children who have been victim of traumatic circumstances such as house fires, medical emergencies, parental military deployment, domestic violence, natural disasters, etc.

Our Teddy Rescue Bear Build is a great team building event that incorporates the power of play with a philanthropic twist. Your team competes in a friendly competition that includes trivia and games, followed by a commercial advertising your teddy bear. The best of the Teddy Bears wins the competition.

The build will bring smiles to both your team and to the kids.

Charity Team Building Activities - Teddy Bear

If you’re interested in a Teddy Bear Build, contact us at hello[at]teambonding[dot]com.

Jillian Sheedy

Team Contributor


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