The Ultimate Charity Build

The ultimate charity build is a combination of several of our charity programs morphed into one mega charity extravaganza.

the ultimate charity build

This is the ultimate charity team building event.

The Ultimate Charity Build combines all of the challenges and donations of our most beloved charity events into one mega charity extravaganza. Throughout the course of one event, teams will complete team building activities associated with separate charity events. These team building activities will ultimately lead to the creation of an abundance of donations ready to be shipped to any number of different charities.

An example of an activity that is completed throughout the event is a team teddy bear build, where teams race and compete to build the world’s best snuggle buddy for deserving children. In addition, teams will also have the opportunity to build a child’s wagon from the ground up, and piece together the fabric of a fleece blanket.

All items created by your teams during this event will then be donated to fitting charities. In the past we have worked with the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Spokes for Hope, Hugs Across America, Blue Star Mothers, Angel Airborne Cadets, and many more. We are also able to collaborate with a charity of your choice.

The Ultimate Charity Build is ideal for a company seeking an opportunity to build not only relationships, but also boost Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well.


Group size

30-1000 People

Time needed

2-3 Hours

Space requirements

20 square feet of open space per participant is a good guideline. The Ultimate Charity Build can be indoors or outdoors – your office building, a ballroom or a conference room.

“Bradley and his team did an amazing job yesterday at my conference.  It was a nice surprise that Bradley spoke Spanish, it allowed him to quickly bond with the women. Bradley did a nice job inserting the negotiation exercises into the build process.  The women really got the intended message, which was all about negotiation.”

 L.B. – LNC Coaching

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