At TeamBonding they believe in the power of play, they believe that your team is your best asset. They began over 25 years ago, and today TeamBonding is North America’s premier team building resource.

They have been able to do this by staying innovative and offering unique combinations of experiences that adapt to the times. And adapt they have.

Just a few short months ago they were shipping out of their Boston office hundreds of programs a month. They had live corporate events happening anywhere from the Bahamas to Texas, Kentucky to Greece! Then, in the drop of a hat, they were remote.

Take the Bull by Its Horns

The good news is, they love to take on a challenge. When their CEO’s brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, he challenged his staff to create a program that gave back to cancer patients, and so the idea for their program Operation Cancer Care program was born. In 2019 75 companies with 4,477 participants resulted in collectively donating 2,047 cancer care package kits.

So when the world was hit with a national pandemic, TeamBonding did not give up, they took the bull by its horns. They were fast into action, making sure they were there for their clients and their local community. Taking their extra supplies and donating them to their local hospital and figuring out how to work with their clients in this new remote world.


Team building became more important than ever. With live events and travel no longer currently possible, TeamBonding was faced with the challenge to create corporate events that were virtual, fun, interactive for the entire team, yet beneficial.

Spoiler Alert, TeamBonding Delivered. 

In just a few short months there are over 19 virtual programs on their website for companies to choose from. Their trained facilitators are ready at home in front of green screens and ring lights, with costumes and props ready to go.

Virtual Programs

As in true TeamBonding fashion, their events are diverse and range from limited-time options to competitive and interactive events.

Check out below to be guided to your teams’ perfect event. 


The Official Jeopardy!® Training & Education Game: Available Virtual/Remote, or LIVE,  it’s team-building done the Jeopardy!® way!  We offer a variety of program options for customization including eLearning, corporate training, or general trivia. Engage your team with the only official Jeopardy!®  Training & Education game in the world!

Virtual Survey Says: Virtual Survey Say is just like the classic TV show, now online, interactive, and played in teams!  Survey questions are displayed on your screen using a professional survey software application. Our game show host will present this game show just as you see on TV.

Race Around the World: In this global online scavenger hunt, teams choose a country and complete challenges related to that destination. They engage in a variety of tasks each inspired by the country they represent to activate ‘hotspots” and earn points.

Virtual In It To Win It: Just like you’ve seen on TV, experience the excitement, the nail-biting moments, the wild and wonderful 60-second challenges without leaving the house—the remote and virtual version of this top-rated team building event where strategy, friendly competition.

Limited Time

Virtual Team Challenges: Virtual Team Challenges consist of a variety of daily activities that give participants the opportunity to get healthy as a team. They will share their progress and cheer each other on in a friendly competition that lasts one entire week.

Virtual Happy Hour & Mixology: You can’t go for drinks after work. But having cocktails together hosted by our world-class mixologist by video chat can help fill the void.

Training & Development

Virtual Keynote Speakers: You want to share your message with your team in a way that’s unforgettable. We can help. TeamBonding has partnered with 500Speakers to bring your team a unique selection of authentic, vetted, diverse speakers for a fraction of their live, in-person fees. Combine our experience with your goals in a virtual keynote that engages your audience, aligns your stakeholders, and creates memorable results that you can count on. Our speakers provide the energy and physical presence as if they were right in the room with you!

Professional Development Workshops Online: We revolutionized all our classic training programs so we could bring them to you virtually. In our Professional Development Workshops, you’ll share a profound learning experience together online.

Virtual Training Workshops: In our Virtual Training Workshops, you’ll share a profound learning experience together – remotely.


Team PaintingUsing innovative Augmented Reality (AR) technology, we’ve unleashed a new way of experiencing a painting event by boxing it for you. Powerful enough for creative folks, and simple enough for everyone, Team Painting has the ability to connect your individual works of art into one whole masterpiece.

Virtual TeamProv: Virtual TeamProv workshops contain multiple elements of team building that goes way beyond “trust exercises”. Trust doesn’t happen just because you catch someone falling backward. We give you the building blocks that create trust.

Digital Global Innovation Game: The Global Innovation Game is a fun and beneficial event that encourages creativity & rewards those who are most innovative.  This program brings things back to basics as teams collaborate through simple conversations to generate brilliant new ideas, pitch them, and earn investors in an attempt to secure the most funding.

Interactive Fun

The Original Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt: This fun and challenging interactive Virtual Scavenger Hunt provides a great way to boost morale and bring people together! Everyone learns more about the world around them while discovering each others’ strengths and skills. So everyone wins.

At the Virtual Races: At the Races is an online game designed for small and large teams to experience all the excitement of the race track. No real horse-racing experience required as teams compete to train horses, sabotage rivals and bet on the outcome. Will your team make the most money at the end of six races?

More can be found on the website.

Although employees are currently all separated and no longer just a short walk down the hall from each other, TeamBonding found a way to bridge that gap. From clinking glasses virtually every Thursday at Virtual Happy Hours to putting game faces on and getting competitive at Virtual Jeopardy.

They used this time to take TeamBonding to the next level. Contact TeamBonding today for your team’s virtual experience.


Baylee Goldstein

Team Contributor


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