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About Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie Mayne stands as a globally acclaimed #1 rated keynote speaker, high-performance executive consultant, and published author. He specializes in delivering impactful Leadership, Company Culture, and Client Experience Virtual Keynotes.

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Lonnie Mayne is an internationally acclaimed #1 rated keynote speaker, esteemed high-performance executive consultant, and accomplished author. He is the visionary Founder and CEO of Red Shoes Living, a lauded philosophy and five-step framework adopted by leadership teams worldwide. This approach engages employees, secures top-tier talent, cultivates exceptional customer experiences, and fosters compelling cultures that individuals are inspired to embrace.

With over 30 years of experience collaborating with leading brands across 25 diverse industries, Lonnie served as the president of InMoment, a prominent customer experience optimization company. Under his guidance, the team propelled the company’s growth by an impressive 817%, utilizing the principles of Red Shoes Living.

Acknowledged as a global leader in high-performance training, Lonnie’s dedication to motivating others to stand out in their professional and personal lives is evident. He has graced esteemed platforms like the British Citizen Awards at the Palace of Westminster hosted by Lord Dholakia. Lonnie spearheads the Spartan-X leadership series and serves as a founding patron of the American Citizen Award, honoring everyday heroes. Committed to advocating for the significance of individuals, he actively supports philanthropic causes related to mental health awareness, anti-bullying, and suicide prevention.

2 Highly-Requested Keynotes [Available for Virtual & In-Person Sessions]:

#1: Red Shoes Living Red Shoes Living, epitomizing positive impact at work and in life, represents an invaluable and transformative business message for today’s world. Lonnie Mayne, a globally recognized speaker, disseminates the simple yet powerful framework of Red Shoes Living across diverse audiences. Rooted in five fundamental Red Shoes pillars, this concept fosters the best version of employees, encouraging them to distinguish themselves in both professional and personal spheres. Red Shoes Living embodies a way of life, countering the prevailing negativity and noise in the world of business.

#2: The Art of the Possible In this enlightening session, Lonnie Mayne, a keynote speaker and author, unveils the impactful “Red Shoes Living,” derived from three decades of executive leadership with renowned global brands. Gain insights into crafting Red Shoes Experiences and cultivating Red Shoes leaders, propelling your organization’s success and transforming your team members’ lives.

Discover the strategies adopted by top-level executives to personalize their interactions and elevate their leaders and teams to unprecedented performance levels. Lonnie’s challenge is to integrate the Red Shoes Living philosophy into your existing culture, thus unlocking “The Art of The Possible.”

Red Shoes Living represents a distinctive, instantly impactful, and meaningful concept that motivates individuals to stand out for positivity in both their professional endeavors and personal lives. It catalyzes high-level performance within organizations and leaves a lasting impact on lives.


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