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About Anjali Bindra Pate

Anjali is a lawyer, inclusion strategist, and author of Humanity at Work: Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing in an Increasingly Distributed Workforce. She is a TEDx speaker and has keynoted numerous events all across the nation.

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Anjali is an author, attorney and Editor at Large for Arianna Huffington / Thrive Global’s Overcoming Lawyer Burnout. Her book, Humanity at Work: Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing in an Increasingly Distributed Workforce, will be available via paperback in December of 2020.

Anjali is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Sweatours, a consultancy for professional inclusion and wellbeing. Anjali’s focus is on improving wellbeing and inclusion of underrepresented groups by strengthening and growing their relationships and leadership opportunities.

Anjali is a faculty member with the New York County Lawyers’ Association and teaches CLEs about wellbeing, inclusion and burnout. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and events including the 2020 DC Bar Conference, the 2020 Law Firm Summit, the 2020 Legal Marketing Association Conference, the 2020 Employee Wellness Summit and more.

Anjali is also a TEDx and Google Start Up Speaker, a certified wellness coach with certifications in Time Management and Productivity, and a member of the following organizations: the D.C. Bar’s Lawyer Assistance Committee, South Asian Bar Association, Faculty Member at WELCOA Wellness Council of America, AALS Balance in Legal Education, NALSAP (National Association of Law Student Affairs Professionals), and Mindfulness in Law Society.

Nationally, Anjali has been featured by Rebecca Jarvis of ABC News for her innovative efforts to help underrepresented groups and has appeared on a number of local television and media outlets.

7 MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTES: [Virtual & In-Person Keynotes available]:


Keynote #1: How to be a DIVA at Work: Leading with Diversity, Inclusion, Vulnerability and Authenticity

Anjali will explain how her DIVA Principle holds the key to improved innovation, collaboration, and creativity at work.


Keynote #2: Humanity at Work

Talking about diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing can be challenging, and implementing organization-wide changes to create a more compassionate workforce can feel insurmountable. In this keynote, Anjali will walk you through the exact steps to improve the collective pulse of your organization.

Keynote #3: The Crossroads of Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing

Diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing are critical if to improving our individual and collective landscapes, whether it’s at a law school in the Midwest, a Fortune500 company, or a start-up in Silicon Valley.

Keynote #4: Staying Connected in an Increasingly Remote Workforce

Anjali will explain exactly why remote work IS inclusion work, and how we can work to build cultures that optimize our remote settings to our advantage.

Keynote #5: Diversity and Inclusion for Today’s Distributed Workforce

Organizations devote significant resources and time to recruiting and hiring minorities and women, but this investment is meaningless if they leave. The negative impact of workplace inequities can lead to departure: simply put, when a person’s work/life equation doesn’t add up at one company she’ll look for a company where it does. To address the issue, ALL leaders must be a part of the inclusion conversation.

Men, in particular, many in senior positions, need to be invited to contribute to solving the systemic issues within our firms.

In this talk, we will use evidenced- based behavioral models to equip managers and leaders of all genders to intentionally advance women and minorities in their businesses through the way they recruit, retain, and work.

Keynote #6: Structuring a Diverse and Inclusive Remote Culture

• Future of work and challenges associated with remote communication
• Tips for structuring remote communication
• Best tools for communicating remotely
• How to build a diverse and inclusive remote communication culture that works best for your team’s vision
• Understand the specific challenges a remote environment poses to communication

Keynote #7: Burnout in Today’s World

We all have a stake in “taming the flame” of burnout. Chronic stress inhibits problem-solving, interferes with concentration, and is linked to burnout.

In this talk, we will cover the following:
-Recognizing the signs of burnout
-Learning the difference between stress and burnout and the nuanced differences in handling each
-Describing how to create and implement flexible work policies, smart meetings, rest periods, and more

As Editor at Large for Thrive Global’s Overcoming Lawyer Burnout platform, Anjali will share her unique insights, tips and micro-steps to prevent and overturn burnout. While it is impossible to completely eliminate stress from the workplace, this program will teach you to implement more mindful, respectful working practices.


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