Treasure Hunt Adventures

A True Team Building Event

No one else has an event like this…with TRUE team building. Treasure Hunt Adventures starts out as a competition but morphs into a cooperative endeavor as all teams must work together to find the key. 

A treasure hunt is low-tech and a map-based puzzle that the entire team must solve. As in the workplace, smaller teams must succeed at their tasks before the entire company can reach its goal – opening the treasure-filled chest!

The Treasure Hunt Adventures program is based on the Scandinavian sport of orienteering (now an Olympic event), where participants use a detailed map to find flags in the forest. The TeamBonding version is built around a custom-made map of your conference center, and includes an industrial-strength dose of fun. This team building program can be tailored to be more physical or more cerebral.

The object is to find the key to the treasure chest. Small teams are created, each with its own set of clues to find. Each team soon realizes that the only way to locate the treasure is by working together as a whole. Some clues can only be acquired, for example,  when the group completes a fun challenge. These clues can be presented as either Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy-style questions.

Each sub-group’s immediate goal is assembling their part of the riddle. When combined, these add up to reveal a final riddle. The excitement builds to a crescendo as all sub-groups now join forces to find the key.

Since everyone contributes to the success of this search, all get to share in the treasure, everyone wins!  This can be a token or memento of your meeting, a T-shirt emblazoned with your company or event slogan, or whatever you desire.


Group size

20 – 1,000

Time needed

2 - 3 hours

Space requirements

This activity is best suited out of doors, but we’ll be happy to identify alternate rain sites within your hotel or conference center.

“Everyone had a WONDERFUL experience with the treasure hunt! We all LOVED it! Chris was wonderful!  It was very pleasant, a lot of fun. I will most certainly be recommending you guys in the future, and possibly be looking at using you again for another fun experience.”


imgres A.C., Pronq by HP

“The feedback on the treasure hunt was wonderful and even some of our toughest ‘critics’ had a great time. We will be holding another retreat in the fall, and I’ll be sure to hook up with you again. Thank you for all of the support. Chris and his team were well prepared and the event was well executed and fun!”

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