Pub Crawl Scaventure

Unlike other pub crawls, which focus mainly on imbibing, our journey includes mind games, scavenger hunting, plus delectable trivia.  New “Dine and Dash” hunt available for Foodies!

Pub Crawl Scaventure

11581_10151459041836306_1310529197_nFirst, there was the pub crawl. Then came the scavenger hunt. Now, for corporate groups in search of treasure on and off the rocks, TeamBonding has morphed these two popular concepts into the one and only, Pub Crawl Scaventure.  Unlike other pub crawls, which focus mainly on imbibing, our journey includes mind games, scavenger hunting, and trivia.

Your teams visit up to three bars, learning fascinating facts about spirits (did you know that in Fairbanks, Alaska, it is illegal to serve beer to a moose?) and unique drink recipes. Teams will also be on the hunt for treasures like mermaid-shaped swizzle sticks and other bar memorabilia. After completing hilarious challenges at each location, teams race to the next venue, where progress is rewarded with spirits and other prizes. At the final destination, each team creates and names its own signature cocktail, with samples of the winning drink provided for the entire group.

TeamBonding’s Pub Crawl Scaventure program can be tailored to your choice of city, and further fine-tuned to fit any other specific needs or requests.

Ask about our new hunt for foodies – the “Dine and Dash” which incorporates foodie fun with new clues, new restaurants, and more things to eat!  Although the specific locations are top secret, teams may get a culinary tour of the world in one city, from Mexican to Thai to feature dishes of the city of your choice. The hunt will also include a photo scavenger hunt with food-related items to spot around the city.


Group size

15 - 100

Time needed

Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours

Space requirements

Works well in any neighborhood with pubs in walking distance from your starting and ending location.


“Igor and his team did a fantastic job at our event in St. Louis a few weeks ago. Thanks to you and them for the work!”

marquette group A.B. – Marquette Group

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say how extremely pleased we were with our Scavenger Pub Crawl on Saturday night. WHAT A GREAT TIME! While we tried working on Sunday to finish up our conference, it was hard to do through all the talk about the previous evening’s events. Everyone was in total agreement that this was the best team building event they had ever  been to.  Jennifer and her staff were great – extremely accommodating and flexible! You put together a fun filled night that really brought team building to a new degree.”

american access - 3 J.M. – American Access Care

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