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We! Connect Cards




WE! CONNECT CARDS – Team Building Card Deck

Objective: A fun warm-up and an effective icebreaker for groups who may not know each other well – yet anyway.

We! Connect Cards provide a perfect way to kick off a meeting, training session or other program.  Card questions have been carefully crafted by over a dozen leading facilitation experts to be both unique and inclusive. There’s no easier way to stimulate real connections and relationships in such a fun, engaging activity.

  • Green cards have questions that are light and fun
  • Blue cards have questions that are a bit deeper
  • Purple cards have question that encourage self reflection

The back of each card also features a unique, fun action to perform if you choose. There is one pair of the same action for each color, making the cards a perfect tool for grouping people up kinesthetically.


  • Stimulate real connections
  • Improve communication skills
  • Encourage employee engagement

We! Connect Cards are a perfect DIY team building tool to start off a program, training, or meeting. This deck helps create real connections and relationships in a fun, engaging way.

“We! Connect Cards are always on the top of my facilitation toolbox! They help me move past simple ice breakers and towards fostering meaningful connection and conversation between folks.”
Spud Marshall
the | CEO

What's In the Box?


  • 60-card deck includes 20 purple cards, 20 green cards and 20 blue cards
  • A link to 10+ activity tutorial videos with ideas designed to make any trainer more effective.
  • 60 questions color-coded by type of question