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What is your favorite part of working for TeamBonding?

My favorite part of the job is definitely the people. Travelling all over the country interacting with so many individuals and personality types is an enriching experience.  Our fun TeamBonding programs is a close second!

What is one food group you can’t live without?

Are dill pickles a food group? Because it’s a rare day that I do not  include pickles with lunch and dinner.

What is your favorite four- legged creature and why?

This is an easy one, DOGS. I have always loved dogs and spent very little time in life without owning one.There is nothing like the love, loyalty and trust that a dog shows you. And yes, I am that person who sometimes will talk to the dog at a party more than some of the attendees.

Currently, what song do you listen to the most?

Being from Minneapolis and growing up, I am not sure if there is a song I’ve listened to more than Purple Rain. Even today it will stop me in my tracks!

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Well since I already has the superpower of gab, my second choice would be the ability to fly. I have enjoyed the experience of skydiving many times and could only imagine what it would be like if you could avoid the whole soaring to the ground at 120 mph part.

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