Kevin Kehoe | New American Painter

February 8, 2016

Molly Chronister

Team Contributor

Meet Kevin Kehoe, an artist who loves capturing the beautiful simplicities of Utah’s Heber Valley. He is a painter and photographer. One of his photographs has been featured as a backdrop on the Utah location page on!

Kevin Kehoe is a native New Englander who has recently fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a painter. After living in Boston, Providence, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, he now resides in Utah. There, he enjoys painting and photographing the majestic Heber Valley. The Heber Valley is one of Utah’s most beautiful gems and is home to three state parks, five pristine mountain golf courses, blue-ribbon fishing, a Swiss-themed town, family-friendly events, and so much more so, Kevin never runs out of inspiration living there. When it’s snowing out he must choose between photographing the land or skiing. He says this is his biggest problem in the world! Check out his personal website here.


Past and future exhibits:

July 2015 – Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Utah

July 2014 – Industrial Beauty Show, The George Billis Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

October 2014 – Urban Aspect Show, The Principal Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia

November 2015 – Inspirational Forms Show, The Principal Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina

UPCOMING MARCH 18th, 2016 SOLO SHOW – Western Therapy, Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Utah



“My aim is for my pictures to be a visual exhale, to capture what is uncomplicated, in a complicated world.”



“BYWAY 12”

“Light, to me, is the most beautiful element in the universe because of its power to artfully transform anything it touches, anything it wraps itself around. Light and composition are paramount as I contemplate what to paint and why. Successful composition is probably more important than the brushwork itself.”



“I find joy in capturing the quiet, simple beauty found in the nooks and crannies of the majestic  Heber Valley and Utah’s mountains.”

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