Why Good Leaders Choose Team Building

Need to improve or spice up your same old leadership strategies at work? Why not make this tiresome training fun by incorporating team building?

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Leadership strategies can vary greatly depending on the situation, but they all can greatly impact the vision and the direction of growth within your company. Potential success lies in the hands of your leaders. It’s important for those in leadership positions to have a clear vision for their teams, and having a strategic plan can play a big part in that. That being said, a strategic leadership plan would not be complete without involving team building. Your teams are your future; thus leaders must understand how team building can help build you a better future. 

1. Create Motivation

Leaders not only need to feel motivated, but need to be prepared to motivate others. Nothing drives motivation in the work place better than your team having a clear understanding of their mission or vision. Being challenged, and the overall feeling of being a part of a successful and trusted team that comes with completing a challenge, increases motivation even further. Leaders who facilitate team building encourage all of this, plus give all those involved a chance to feel appreciated for their individual talents. What could be more empowering?

2. Build Better Communication

leaders foster communication

One of the most important things a leader can do is foster communication between members of their team. Whether it’s in the form of mediating a dispute, or making sure everyone’s voice is being heard, it’s important for a leader to make sure lines of communication are clear. Team building activities and games encourage discussion, friendly debates and opens the floor for ideas and contributions from the team to spill out. Everyone involved feels comfortable to speak out during these friendly activities, and there are so many to chose from!

3. Build Better Problem Solving Skills

Leaders often end up in the role of problem-solver. While this is an important skill for a leader to have, it’s also important to recognize and strengthen problem solving skills within your team. Team building allows the teams to search for possible solutions to a problem, make decisions, experiment with different course of actions and give each other helpful feedback.  They quickly learn that to be successful as a team they must work together. These skills are easily transferable to any situation they find themselves in next!

4. Open up Social Gates

Strong leaders will recognize the roles that social bonds play in the effectiveness of a team. Simply put: people who like each other will work better together. Barriers are broken down and new trust walls are built. When you host a team building event, teams are able to learn about each other through the power of play. You want your teams to feel comfortable with each other and be able to learn  from each other. Being able to socialize and appreciate your team is just as important as getting the work done is. The work will get done better by a team that has fun together!

5. Learn Strategic ways to Utilize your Teams Strengths

Team building allows each member to learn more about each other and themselves. A good team is made up of introverts, extroverts and many different personalities and strengths. Learning how to use this knowledge is another key to being a successful team leader. Different activities give teams a chance to strategically think, act or experiment with different options of how to accomplish goals. Leaders are able to utilize this time to figure out how to maximize strengths, that can be transferred to work related projects.


Through the power of play leaders can help create motivated teams, with better communication, that trust each other and are able to strategically problem solve and work together.

Why not lead our teams through play? Will you play for your future?


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