Mission to Mars

Put your team to the test by sending them on a mission to mars. Using highly interactive and engaging technology, your team will face challenges that involve and require clear communication and strategic decision-making. Teams will explore their new VR surroundings while working together to gather facts and figures logically in order to win.

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This event has bonded more teams than we can count but has finally run its course and is now considered part of The Departed. Below you'll find a scrolling list of additional events that are considered great alternatives. If you really loved Mission to Mars and think it should be brought back from The Departed, let us know by voting using the button below!

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Why this event?

The perfect training event disguised as fun, Mission to Mars challenges your team through two or three training scenarios, each increasing in complexity. Focusing on communication, problem-solving, and team efficiency, teams must decipher a series of clues and find the necessary passcodes needed to find the solution. The more info we get, the harder it can be to disseminate. This program uses the idea of information overload to challenge your team to work together and make sense of the data and details they will be given on their first Mission to Mars.

After each round, we gather the entire group back together to reflect and discuss what worked and what didn’t work with the goal of improving everyone’s performance in the next scenario. The final wrap-up will explore their progress throughout the event and allow each participant the chance to share what they have learned in the process.

There are numerous different missions of varying difficulty, and based on your specific program goals we will select the games that will best suit your team’s needs.

  • Episode 1: Take Over
  • Episode 2: Launch Code
  • Episode 3: Landing Sequence
  • Episode 4: The Pioneers
Team size
  • 3-200
Time needed
  • 1.5 - 2 hours
Space requirement

This program is typically presented via Zoom. If you prefer another video conferencing platform, just let us know. Each participant needs a computer with web cam, microphone and stable internet connection.

Ideal for
  • Enhances creative-thinking
  • Developing a strategy
  • Experimenting with different ideas
  • Managing complexity
  • Increasing team communication
  • Remote team engagement

There is a break after every round where the whole group comes together and reflects: on what worked and what didn’t? It then becomes clear for example, that even though a team worked quickly, it only solved the code correctly half of the time – because it hadn’t verified the information sufficiently. In every round, the team learns something new and receives enough food for the final reflection.

What mission will your team go on?

We offer four missions ranging in levels of difficulty that use similar, yet different activities and challenges to keep teams engaged and motivated.

The different levels allow teams to participate in a one-time activity or can be played in conjunction with one another. Chances are, your team will be begging for their next mission.

Episode 1: Take Over

In this challenge, teams are tasked with accessing an advanced computer system on Mars to save a team of stranded scientists after losing connection. To accomplish their mission, teams must communicate effectively to find clues, share information and answer five security questions.

Level of difficulty: Medium

Episode 2: Launch Code

In Launch Code, teams take on the role of an engineering team in charge of launching an emergency spaceship to Mars to locate the missing scientists. Only by completing logic puzzles, working together, and answering questions will they be able to complete the mission.

Level of difficulty: Medium-Hard

Episode 3: Landing Sequence

In this face-paced activity, teams act as astronauts in charge of landing the spaceship a few miles from the basecamp on Mars. Teams must communicate effectively under pressure to select the right sequence of steps necessary for a safe landing.

Level of difficulty: Hard-Very Hard

Episode 4: The Pioneers

In this challenge, the rescue team has successfully landed on Mars. However, they find a room full of pictures of the first astronauts and need to figure out if it could be the key to the whole mystery. Spotting patterns, sharing vital information, and communicating effectively is the only hope to help the scientists return back to Earth.

Level of difficulty: Medium-Hard

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