Elephants on Mars

NASA has publically announced a new mission to explore Mars like never before, but this time scientific breakthroughs have allowed them to transport animals! The game is quick to learn and competitive with fun strategic choices. With a variety of awesome rockets and a choice of characterful animals to rescue, teams will transform Mars from a cold desert world to a biodiverse paradise.

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Prepare for an out of this world experience!

(No real astronaut experience required!)

Elephants on Mars is an original team-building experience where players work together to send animals to the newly terraformed Mars.

We believe a good virtual or in-person team building game should be super simple to learn, provide interesting decisions and engage people so they want to interact together – creating real social connections and excitement for large groups.  Players work in small teams and each takes on the role of Captain, Pilot, Vet, or Engineer. Time is running out, so teams must work together effectively to complete their mission on time. Their mission is to send a variety of animals to Mars to help terraform it into a biodiverse paradise.

The TeamBonding facilitator will start with a short introduction video explaining the game and each of the roles.  Then, each player will be given another short description of their role for the first round:

  • The Captain sends money to each player and is responsible for managing the mission.
  • The Vet chooses the animal for the mission.
  • The Pilot can purchase a rocket that is the correct size for the animal.
  • The Engineer should buy enough fuel to launch the rocket.

Once the team has an animal, the right-sized rocket, and enough fuel, the Captain must launch the mission before time runs out!

The game is played over five missions. Each mission a team has the chance to send one animal to Mars before time runs out. Once the countdown has run out all teams will be able to see who successfully launched a rocket to Mars, and which animal they sent.  At the end of the game, all teams will see the final results of their combined efforts. While everyone plays their individual role and chooses their own actions, the game requires teams to plan and coordinate their actions together in order to launch a successful mission and help humanity see Elephants on Mars.

Whichever way you play, Elephants on Mars is an exciting, engaging, and social way to get groups chatting, cheering, and working together.

Event Details

Group Size

20 - 200

Time Needed

1 hour

Ideal For

  • Players take on roles that must each use individual skills to successfully complete missions.
  • Competitive or collaborative in small teams

  • Choose from a variety of awesome rockets and a choice of characterful animals to rescue

  • The game runs in your browser (no apps needed)

  • Use Zoom or your favorite video chat software

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