Blockbusters Remote

In this engaging virtual team video challenge, participants produce their own high-quality short films. They’ll collaborate to capture your company brand, messaging or values in dynamic, attention-grabbing movie trailers.  

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Create an epic movie trailer!

It’s a super fun way to demonstrate that with the right approach to collaboration, your group is capable of stepping outside their comfort zones to create high-quality creative output. Naturally, this activity requires forethought, planning and delegation. But taking on unfamiliar roles makes for unexpected discoveries. You’ll have people taking on the roles of scriptwriters, actors, editors and more. 

Groups then divide into their team breakout rooms to begin brainstorming their storylines. They’ll develop strategies for making their movies stand out. Innovative techniques? Surprise endings? An unforgettable soundtrack? All creative options are on the table. Once the plan is firmed up, each team member is responsible for capturing their scenes on phones or tablets, then uploading them to the server.

The finished trailers provide a great testament to the power of teamwork. They also make for great entertainment during your next virtual team meeting.

*Ask us about our Holiday-themed Blockbusters Remote event.

Team size
  • 4 - unlimited
Time needed
  • 90 mins – 3 hrs
Space requirement

This activity is delivered through Zoom. Each participant needs a computer with a webcam and microphone, plus a mobile phone or tablet for shooting video segments.

Ideal for
  • Boost Meeting Energy
  • Discover Hidden Talent
  • Inclusive Gameplay
  • Resourceful Innovation
  • Celebrate Shared Achievements

TeamBonding is happy to customize this team building event by incorporating your brand and messaging into the introduction and debrief.

Blockbusters is a great way to kick start your end-of-year celebrations or holiday party with creativity and laughs.

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