Live-Action Team Adventures (Bonfire Trial)

Murder, Mystery and More

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This murder mystery that takes place entirely on foot and features actors, riddles, scavenger hunting, and problem solving.  Can your team successfully crack the case?

Group Size

up to 100, ideal for teams of 4

Time Needed

2 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

This event takes place all over the city, several blocks that are all within walking distance, so there is no room setup.  Consider combining it with dinner before or after the event.

Ideal For

  • Annual events
  • Away days
  • Summer outings
  • Before or after dinner
  • Intern events



Each installment in our Live Action Adventure Series has been designed to focus on collaborative problem solving, thinking outside the box, working within a tight deadline, and developing and harnessing leadership skills. These games have been created to thoroughly entertain your staff and create memories that will last long after the culprit has been apprehended.

All four installments in this series lend themselves to customization. Each script is written specifically for the city in which your event will take place and clues are created based on the history and characteristics of your city. Suspects can be customized to include local celebrities, key company personnel, and can even accommodate inside jokes.

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Last night a member of the local paparazzi was found dead in their downtown apartment. Police headquarters have since narrowed down the suspect list to eight, the suspected weapons list to ten, and the possible crime scenes to six. It is now up to you, our CSI department, to determine whodunit, with what weapon, and where. Clues are littered around town and we have special agents working on the case and forwarding you information as we get it. Can your team crack the case?

The Case of the Dead Paparazzi is a murder mystery that takes place on the streets of any downtown setting. The game features actors, riddles, scavenger hunting, and problem-solving.

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There’s been a mysterious abduction downtown. The perpetrator has left a cryptic ransom note and we need your help solving this case before it ends terribly. The clock is ticking and we’ll be forwarding you new information as it comes in. Can your team of investigators use the intel provided to determine WHO was kidnapped, WHAT the ransom is, and WHERE to make the drop? Could it be your police chief that’s the hostage? Is it a bag of loot that the kidnapper wants? Will the drop take place behind the library?

This game is a real-time mystery for your team of four – six to solve that requires crime scene analysis, investigative work, and outsmarting the villain. Your team will be handsomely rewarded if you can rescue the hostage before it’s too late. Be careful, though, this criminal is proving to be a very unstable one…

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Intelligence is informing us that a time machine is going to crash land in the very near future. To be prepared, we are gathering qualified community members to be ready for anything. Your group will work together in teams of four to six to find the missing “out of towners” and help get them back home to whatever century they came from. We need to solve this extraordinary problem before we alter the course of history or the future or the universe or whatever.

Can you help us find these “out of towners” and help get them home?

This mission is top secret and requires your team of detectives to identify the time travelers, solve the problem at hand, and help get them home before any permanent damage is done. You’ll be handsomely rewarded if you can prevent a city-wide scare and simultaneously preserve the future. Be warned, though, one false step and you may alter the trajectory of our civilization.

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An international criminal is loose in your town with a briefcase full of cash. He plans to exchange the cash for valuable goods this evening somewhere in downtown. It is now your mission, our volunteer FBI Unit, to determine where we need to meet, who we need to meet, and what to bring in order to save our city. Should you bring the diamonds to Hans at the fountain? Be at The Exchange to find out.

The Exchange is a suspenseful race against the clock that involves informants, bad guys, problem-solving, code breaking, and explosions (maybe). Your team of four to six will compete to prevent your own city’s demise in a whirlwind of drama that will test your cunningness, teamwork, and investigative skills.

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Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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