Game Show Mania

Corporate Game Show

You and your team will become contestants just like you see on real TV Game Shows. We set up the competition to be played as teams. Our professional game show host will ask fun, pop culture trivia questions, questions followed by sound clips, or questions you provide.

game show mania

game show Every night, millions of TV viewers play along with their favorite game shows. Buying a vowel. Blurting out answers. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie. So, for 50 points, what’s a great way to make your next meeting or party a hit? Let us bring you this game show event so you can enjoy TeamBonding’s fast-paced live action and Hollywood-style showmanship.

The Game Show Mania program includes a dynamic, engaging TeamBonding host who will bring you and your teams up on stage as contestants. In addition to our huge library of trivia questions from a variety of categories, your event manager will work with you to create custom categories to help your group get the most from your game show event! Custom categories may include executive fun facts, company history, questions about your line of products and more. Each game is played in a series of rounds, with up to eight participants at a time competing at our electronic consoles. During the “commercial breaks” between rounds, our game show host will provide plenty of interactive fun… all with the purpose of reinforcing your conference goals or meeting theme.

This is a sure-fire way to turn an average team building event into something big. TeamBonding emcees and facilitators are the best in the business, and lend an air of unmatched professionalism to your program.

Group size

20 – 500+

Time needed

Approximately 1.5 hours

Space requirements

Game Show Mania is portable and can be set up just about anywhere, including your meeting place, office, hotel or resort.  Audience should be facing the show stage, approx 20’ x 20’ foot area, which is typically large enough to accommodate podiums and an MC.

“It was a very fun event for our group. Received many good feedbacks. Thanks for helping me set this up with such short notice!”

AMD-the-Likely-Winner-in-Intel-s-UltraBook-Game-2 E.L. – Intel

“Unbelievable! I was very impressed with the professionalism and reality-feel the game show had. My guests were very impressed. Actually, Paul, I thought, was very good. He managed the players, dressed and acted the part, etc. We had that ‘real’ feeling throughout. Great job. I will definitely recommend you and hire your company again for a third time when the opportunity arises!”

Blue Cross2 K.W. – Blue Cross Blue Shield

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