Silver Series Thumballs: Energy Break



Let’s get movin’ with this Energy Break Thumball. This item serves as an invigorating tool, offering 32 prompts to infuse energy into groups that have been sedentary for a while. Designed specifically for re-energizing, re-focusing, and getting the blood flowing during meetings and training events, this Thumball encourages playful movement, including stretching, dancing, balancing, and various physical activities.

Here are 10 examples of the Thumball’s prompts:

  1. Strike a yoga pose
  2. Do a few jumping jacks
  3. Practice your golf swing
  4. Twist your waist side to side
  5. Rotate your arms in large circles
  6. Moon walk, Michael-Jackson style
  7. Pretend to run up a flight of stairs
  8. Lift your knees to touch your elbows
  9. Hop on one foot, then the other
  10. Mimic walking on a tightrope

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