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In this series of articles, we take five minutes to chat with a member of the TeamBonding team so you can get an idea of the sort of people we are. In this installment we talk to one of our facilitators, Ben about a quote he lives by, his opinion on spicy food, and what he wishes to cure!


What is your favorite part of working for TeamBonding?

Being a professional performer and coming from a corporate entertainment background, I love the dynamic between facilitator and client during an event. I love seeing people come out of their shells and laugh openly. 15 years ago, when I was part of my first TeamBonding event, the Lead said something to me that I always think of and repeat to my staff, “If you’re having fun, then they are having fun.” I always try to have fun.

What is one food group you can’t live without?

Meat! I’m a total carnivore. Protein with every meal. The food group I can live without is anything spicy. I’m a spice wimp.

If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?

Probably the future. I love the idea of new technologies that we haven’t even thought of yet. Plus, when are we getting these flying cars? On the way back, I’d stop off to see how the pyramids were really built (I’m thinking aliens).

What is your favorite four- legged creature and why? 

I know it’s not very creative, but I have to say puppies. Their innocent love for life is infectious. They’re always happy to see you, even if you are a stranger. 

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Super Intelligence. Just think of all that you could accomplish, all you could help create and invent. If I’m ever in a freak gamma radiation accident or get struck by a comet, the first thing I’m going to do is create a cure for hair loss. Bald people everywhere will rejoice.


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