High-Tech Movie Making

Lights, camera, action!

When will you ever get the chance to say you made your own movie? Get your team together and go for it! Movie making takes serious effort and team work so this will be an ideal event for a group of hard working individuals.

High-Tech Movie Making is a fun and challenging team strengthening program that requires hard work from everyone. First, there will be some important decisions that must be made, such as who will be the actors and who will direct? A camera operator, movie editor, someone to take care of props and costumes, and even a marketing group will all be necessary in turning your movie idea into something real. Everyone will be divided into groups representing competing film production companies to further emphasize the idea of competition.

movie making

To help out in creating your film, a special application that we provide will be used. This app is super easy to function and features everything you need to perfect your movie with our guidance. Choose background music, effects and edit, all in the palm of your hand. When you reach your final product, feel free to share it using your social media outlets! When films are completed, awards can be arranged and given with due ceremony for the various categories, often recognizing and celebrating some hidden talents among your group. Get your speeches ready!

Hard work and great teamwork will pay off with this TeamBonding program and you’ll have a movie to show for it!

Molly Chronister

Team Contributor


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