Sweet Science: Volcano & Earth Layers Cake

Through a series of professionally facilitated volcano and lava-themed challenges, trivia games, and science lessons, your group will prepare for their final challenge of creating their erupting volcano! Before the event we will ship a Volcano Cake kit to each individual that includes everything needed to build the basic cake (no baking required). You’ll just need to find a few kitchen items around the house like bowls, spatulas and maybe a lab coat!
Want to try a different cake? Check out our Earth Layers Cake option.

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Give your team a VOLCANIC experience!

No baking required - kits are shipped to you.

Prepare for a lava explosion with our Erupting Volcano Cake!

You’ve seen the erupting volcanos at the middle school science fair and be honest you always wanted to make your own. Or maybe you did all the work for your kids and they got all the credit. With this interactive sweet science activity, you will be able to explode your volcano cake and eat it too! And don’t worry if you’re not a cake connoisseur, we’ve got the baking aspect covered for you.

Using a 3-D, edible model of an erupting volcano you will be filled with questions as you problem-solve and construct the cake volcanoes, mix and create erupting “lava” and observe how the lava flows. Whether you are young or old everyone likes to explode something (safely) every once in a while. The only thing you will love more than creating these projects is eating them!

When the big day arrives, participants will start off altogether for icebreakers and instructions, then the Lead Facilitator will divide everyone into teams with a specific volcano assigned to them. Each group will embark on their 45-minute journey to study and build their specific volcanos while completing trivia and around the world challenges. Once complete your group will present their final product during the final “science fair”.

Feel free to grab a lab partner!

We also know if you have kids there is no way you’ll be doing this alone. Plus, it’s always nice to have a partner in a science experiment even if it’s just your dog…

These unique decorating kits provide an ingenious opportunity to wrap in a quick science lesson creatively. It can be difficult to teach abstract concepts that affect change in the surface of Earth so use this experience to pique their interest and introduce natural geological events that help sculpt our Earth. By tapping into the natural curiosity we all have about volcanoes, lava, and the mysterious core of the earth, this program uses an amazing lava cake to learn just how Sweet Science can be!

For the grand finale, you might even be able to get that first place ribbon you longed for so many years ago when our facilitator declares the ultimate winner. The team with the most votes will be the winner, but every other team will still get to enjoy the sweet reward of eating their hard work!

Event Details

Group Size


Time Needed

1.5-2 hours

Space Requirement

How can each participant set up their area to be ready for this call?

  • Good WiFi connection
  • Working camera and sound
  • A plain background, avoiding windows and backlighting
  • A most recent version of Zoom downloaded to their desktop.
  • You will need about a 3’x3’ area to work near your computer.
  • We do recommend having a trash can and paper towels handy just in case. We will send more information with “recommended items” for kitchen items with your event confirmation.
  • Open up your kit and lay everything out on the table so you are ready to work.

Additional Items You May Need:

  • Several spatulas
  • Several spoons
  • Sharp knife
  • 3 small bowls to mix frosting
  • Paper towels
  • Suggest using a baking pan or platter to catch the lava

Ideal For

  • Team celebrations
  • Collaboration
  • Design thinking
  • Family-friendly events.
  • All ages


Speak to your Event Manager about how you can customize this virtual event for your team.

More Sweet Science Options

We learn best from hand’s experiences! With our Sweet Science Programs, explore further into the world of science and give your tastebuds something to remember. These virtual science fairs are great for all ages and will leave you feeling hungry for more.

And now for the taste test!

Sweet Science: Earth Layers

What if building a cake could be fun, educational, and even SWEET? Tapping into the natural curiosity we all have about the mysterious core of the earth; this program uses an amazing 6’ earth layers cake to learn just how Sweet Science can be!


In this tasty and educational event, your group will be tasked with building an Earth Layer’s cake individually in small virtual teams. Each person will be sent a deluxe Earth Layers kit with all the required materials in advance of the event date (cake already baked). When the big day arrives, participants will start off all together for icebreakers and instructions, with a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” flair, then the Lead Facilitator will divide everyone into teams to individually build their cakes and plan their science fair presentation.  

Through a series of earth and geology-themed challenges, trivia games, and science lessons, your group will prepare for their big reveal and final taste test of their earth layers cake! Include family member’s at home as well—those kitchen assistants can be vital for finishing the project. 

This funny and imaginative presentation is sure to bring smiles to your teammate’s faces. In this unique and fun virtual event, you can have your earth cake and eat it too!

Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs.

Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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