St Patrick’s Day Team Building Activities & Ideas

St Patrick’s Day, celebrated annually on March 17th, is a great opportunity to improve engagement, have some fun with your colleagues, and boost morale. As it approaches, everyone is looking forward to holiday celebrations and enjoying the company of others. Whether your team is working remotely or in person, there are plenty of creative ideas to celebrate together. Below we will highlight some of our favorite St Patrick’s day team building activities that will surely shake your team’s shamrocks.

St Patrick’s Day Team Building Activities For The Office

Beer & Cheese Pairing

If whiskey is not the first choice for your team, our beer and cheese pairing should be right up your alley! Combine humor, science, history, and delicious beer and cheese into one entertaining St Patrick’s Day team building activity. Your team will receive a kit with everything you need to learn to judge beer like a pro and pour the perfect pint. Share a pint together and say cheers to St Patrick!

st patrick's day team building

Irish Trivia

A trivia competition is always a fun way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, especially at work. You can squeeze it in before a meeting, play after hours, the opportunities are endless. Quiz your team on how well they know Irish culture, history, and the traditions behind this fun holiday. Trivia can be played in person or virtually, making it the perfect activity for any team.

Cook Up Some Irish Fare

It’s important not to drink on an empty stomach, so bring your team together virtually for a one-of-a-kind experience with Culinary Cook-Along. This St Patrick’s Day team building activity will set the tone for a fun, engaging, and delicious evening. Chef Richard will lead your team through the step-by-step process of bringing delicious Irish dishes to life including a Guiness Chocolate cake, Irish Coffee, and a Beer Cheese Dip Bread Bowl. Your tastebuds, and team, will thank you.

Pub Crawl For Luck

St Patrick’s Day has many traditions. Beer is clearly of the most prevalent, but definitely not required. If you’re looking for an in-person St Patrick’s Day team building activity, our Pub Crawl is a pot of gold. During the Pub Crawl Scaventure, your team will learn how to be drink enthusiasts, trivia fanatics and smart skeptics. Each crawl revolves around the concept of celebrating one another. Use this St Patrick’s Day team building activity to explore your chosen city through challenges, quizzes, and (friendly) competition before ending the night at a local pub. 

st patrick's day team building activity

Race Around the World: A Stop in Dublin

Take a trip around the world and make a pit stop in Dublin just in time for St Patrick’s Day. Inspired by the television series Amazing Race this scavenger hunt will take you on an adventure and have your team working together to complete travel-themed challenges. The first team to the finish line with the highest score is the winner.

Bring Your Team Together for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spice things up at work and have some fun together. Bringing everyone together for St Patrick’s Day team building shows your team that strengthening connections amongst one another is just as important as the work they do. Contact TeamBonding if you’re ready to start planning your St Patrick’s Day team building activity.

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