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boston harbor islands team building

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The Boston Harbor Islands are a unique and breathtaking place to hold any event, especially team building!

Experience natural beauty, local flavor and opportunities to explore while supporting the Boston Harbor Islands National Park area! The island venues cater to all types of functions, from a large corporate summer outing to a small team meeting.

Team Building Events + Boston Harbor Islands

Who hasn’t been to a corporate event or participated in “team building” activities where we’re meant to be a team but everything seems forced and awkward? Where there was a lot of sighing, eye rolling, and plain old resistance to the idea of working together?

When you combine the Boston Harbor Islands with Team Building, it’s a win, win.

boston harbor islands team buildingOutrageous Games

From the opening ceremony to the presentation of coveted Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, your team will enjoy continuous high-energy fun. Your teams compete head-to-head in ten wacky, wild, non-athletic relay races. Get Details

boston harbor islands team building events

Corporate Survivors

Through a series of fun and challenging tasks ranging from the silly to the intense, each of your teams works to match their skills against those of the other groups. You will not only discover your own strengths, but also recognize that of others. Get Details

harbor islands boston team buildingCatapult to Success

In this team building activity, everybody needs to work together to get an idea off the ground. Winning requires shrewd negotiation, effective brainstorming, prototyping, testing and fine-tuning. Above all, winning requires teamwork! Get Details

harbor islands team building bostonKeys to Success – Scavenger Hunt

Each box contains an essential clue needed to solve the big puzzle and locate the final treasure. Simple enough, right? There’s one slight catch: each box is secured with a different lock, and each of your teams begins the event with only a couple of keys. Get Details

team building boston harbor islandBuild a Mini-Golf Course for Charity

Design and building one or more mini-golf holes. Your team provides the inspiration and we provide a rich assortment of tubes, pipes, boxes, and other whimsical building supplies to put success within everyone’s reach. Get Details

boston team building harbor islandsYou’re In the Game

Sometimes it’s great feel like a pawn in the game of life. Imagine a giant, colorful game board – one that’s actually large enough to accommodate your entire group! Now imagine the music kicking in. The size XXXL dice start to roll, and game play begins. Get Details

boston harbor islands team building eventsX Marks the Spot Scavenger Hunt

Your group can search for trivia, clues, photo opportunities and more. We can also arrange for your teams to encounter hilarious characters along the way – anything from police to pirates or astronauts to archaeologists.
Get Details

Why the Boston Harbor Islands?

Spectacle Island, visible from Boston, includes two sandy beaches, a visitor center with a broad wrap-around porch and a large tented area where you can watch a spectacular sunset over Boston’s skyline. Georges Island, home of Fort Warren, features a grassy parade ground, a new visitor center facility and a large tented area. Beat that!

boston harbor islands catererArriving at Spectacle or Georges Island after a short ferry ride is like stepping into another world!

Summer Shack is the exclusive caterer for Spectacle & Georges Boston Harbor Islands. Summer Shack offers a vast array of food choices ranging from elegant plated dinners and passed hors d’oeuvres to more simple boxed lunches or clambakes.

Their full service catering department will assist with boat transportation, bar service, party rentals, decor and everything else you need to plan your team building event.

Did You Know?

Spectacle Island was once used as a dumping ground for the city of Boston, and now stands as a symbol of “renewal and reconnection” with over five miles of hiking trails and a solar-assisted visitor center.

Jayne Hannah | (781) 780.3858 | [email protected]

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