Feed Your Bonds – Team Building and Food

Humans structure so much of daily life around food. We move from ‘breakfast on the go’ to ‘working through lunch’ to ‘family dinners’ afterward. So why not structure our team building the same way?

Program FoodAt TeamBonding, we know the power of bringing food and team building together. We offer a range of food-oriented programs, with various levels of involvement in the actual food preparation. With programs like The Progressive Dinner and Dining In The Dark, making connections and having new experiences is the focus of the meal. For those who want to be a little more hands-on, we offer a variety of culinary TeamCuisine programs in which teams work together to create a fantastic feast. We know better than anyone how well team building and food work together.

But why is this combo so delicious?

Well, to start off with, people are happier when they’re not hungry. It’s a simple idea, but also a very true one. No one wants to try to build trust with a coworker when they’re cranky because they haven’t eaten since 6 am. There’s some science to back this up as well. Studies show that diets high in protein and carbohydrates can increase the brain’s ability to produce and retain serotonin, a neurochemical tied to mood. When people are well fed and happy, they’re much more likely to be receptive to building relationships.

Apart from making people happy, food can make the unfamiliar setting of a team building exercise less scary. Creating social bonds over food is a familiar experience for most people. It’s a part of our culture so ingrained that most of us don’t even think about it. We have dinner with our families, go out for drinks and apps with our friends, have meetings over lunch. It’s a familiar environment which allows us to be vulnerable. By introducing a food element to a team building event which might not have it otherwise, you encourage people to relax with a touchstone of familiarity. They’re used to chatting over a meal, so the transfer of behavior from a social to a professional setting feels more natural.

Match Made In Heaven

EZ Cater Logo TeamBonding and ezCater have partnered to bring you the perfect combination: team building + delicious food! We’ve handpicked a few of our most popular programs and paired them with some of the best restaurants and caterers in ezCater’s nationwide network. With over 85 team building programs offered across the country and a variety of high-quality food options from over 50,000 restaurants and caterers, you will not find a better match!

Food For the Soul

Whether your team building event revolves entirely around food, or you’re introducing a lunch or snack component, any occasion is enhanced by a tasty little treat. Keep everyone fed, relaxed, and happy. If you do, they’re much more likely to form social bonds and make positive memories. So snack on, and keep building stronger bonds.


Emily D

Team Contributor


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