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CSP, CPAE, CSO, #1 Sales Expert, "Selling Virtually" Keynote Speaker

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About Chuck Reaves

“In the history of recorded time, no customer has ever said, ‘Your price is too high,’ and meant it.” – Chuckism #6

Chuck began a 15-year career at AT&T when it was the largest corporation in the world. He spent ten years as an entry-level technician and was awarded two patents for electronic modifications. A manager convinced him to go into sales. He had to buy a suit, learn to speak in public and develop complex proposals. His first full year as an Account Executive, he was the highest producer out of 1,100 salespeople. He left the world’s largest corporation and formed one of the smallest.

Beginning as a popular motivational speaker and author, his clients asked him to teach his approach to their sales teams. His comprehensive sales training, sales seminars and sales tools have helped companies raise their prices and their volumes simultaneously.

He has published seven books on sales, personal development and Christian growth. He has been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame where his name appears next to Ronald Reagan. He earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation. For his volunteer efforts he has been named Veterans Advocate of the Year, Outstanding Georgia Citizen and has been invited to the White House twice.

Where to Begin

We can begin with your objectives and decide if my content is right for your event. Could your team benefit from a virtual presentation that focuses on selling virtually? Top five reasons for booking Chuck for your next event:

• 5,000 presentations world-wide, 90+% tailored

• Content is updated weekly based on the changes in sales processes, technology and shifting demographics

• Former top salesperson for the world’s largest corporation

• Pioneering the latest concepts, tools and processes for value-added selling

• Decorated Vietnam veteran, active volunteer

Virtual Selling is here to stay; is your team ready?

Professional selling was changing rapidly and rampantly prior to the pandemic. The response to CODID-19 forced many people and organizations to embrace the changes in processes, technologies and demographics. Chuck’s clients were already using these tools. CEO audiences not only continue to invite him to speak to their groups and their teams (more than 1,000 so far), they also named him “Impact Speaker of the Year” and awarded him their “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Chuck found himself in high at a time when he was ready to “come in off the road.” So, in addition to providing e-Learning versions of his material, he was an early adapter to virtual presentations. The advantages of virtual selling have proven how valuable the process is. These include:

• Greater productivity from reduced travel time and shorter selling times

• Increased profit from reduced expenses

• Higher revenues from increased sales effectiveness

• More frequent and effective customer engagements

EXselling – How Customers Sell Themselves

One of the most evolutionary changes in sales is underway: B2B customers want to sell themselves.

When you go to a site like, who is the salesperson? You are. Knowingly or unknowingly you begin with a feature-benefit analysis of the choices you are presented. Knowingly or unknowingly you conduct a cost justification when comparing two similar items with different price points. And knowingly or unknowingly you reveal your buying motivation – whether you are buying out of want or need.

More and more corporate buyers want to take control of the sales process, not just the buying process. Therefore, salespeople need to adjust their approach to focus on teaching their customer contacts rather than trying to sell to them.

EXselling processes include:

• Blended Selling – Capitalizing on the success of Blended Learning, Blended Selling teaches how to sell the way each customer wants to buy. Blended Learning allows us to be taught in the way we choose: classroom, e-Learning, video, books, etc. Blended Selling allows you to build the tools and processes that will allow your customer contacts to interact with your presentation their way.

• CoLABORative Selling – capitalizes on all the talents in your organization. “There are two types of people in the world: those who know they are in sales and those who don’t.” – Chuckism #1. Everyone in the organization can contribute to the success of the sales team. This approach increases the quality, effectiveness and probability of sale for each customer touch.

• VIVA (Virtual Interactive Value-Added Selling) – making the most of the changing and evolving virtual world of sales. This content changes frequently as new processes, technologies and results are developed. This addresses the three critical areas of virtual selling: Technology, Content and Delivery.

• Supply Chain Selling – selling through your customers, not to them. How many of your customers take what you sell them and keep it? Don’t most of them use what you provide to serve their customers? Understanding your customers’ supply chains can reveal new, lucrative opportunities.

• Kaizen for Sales – incorporates the principles and processes of Lean or Kaizen to make your sales happen better, faster and at a lower cost. What would more sales, less discounting and a lower COS do to your bottom line?

• The Power of Three – three is the magic number in sales. It can be used many different ways and at different points in your sales cycle. For instance, in responding to an RFP/RFQ/RFI, offering the prospect three options such as small, medium and large will almost always result in them opting for the medium. Learn why.

• P.L.U.S.H. Selling – a five-step recipe for successfully closing a value-added sale. A successful value-added sale occurs when the customer buys on value rather than price. The science of selling benefits from having a prescribed formula. The P.L.U.S.H. process has been used successfully by hundreds of companies; the new, updated virtual version is even more effective.

How Chuck Works

With more than fifty hours of content, Chuck will work with you in determining the areas of performance you want to address. He will then craft a presentation that targets your objectives. Determine what you want the people attending your conference:

• To do

• To do differently or better

• To stop doing


Chuck can deliver your virtual session with your choice of environments:

• Simple office background

• Branded with the EXselling/VIVA logo

• Using a 4k monitor for visuals including your logo or your logo animated

Other topics:

• “The Theory of 21” – the title of his first book hilariously explains how he sold his first book in six days.

• Customer Servicing – a sales approach to customer service.

• How to Be a Hero – motivational talk based on his Vietnam experience with a surprising twist


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