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Virtual Wellness Challenge

Live Well, Work Well

Program Overview

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Companies everywhere are discovering the benefits of engaging their employees in wellness activities so they can become happier, healthier, and more energetic at work.  Research has shown that these types of fitness challenges can be very successful when done in a supportive, positive environment focusing on fun and teamwork. With our Virtual Wellness Challenge, your team can connect from anywhere in the world as they all work together to meet daily goals and complete daily activities. The results will include a more engaged and productive workforce that performs at a higher level, contributing to a more positive work environment.  Our customized program helps focus people on healthy lifestyle behaviors that will help them make lasting improvements, which translates to lasting benefits for your business.

The Virtual Wellness Challenge consists of a variety of daily activities that give participants the opportunity to get healthy as a team. They will share their progress and cheer each other on in a friendly competition that lasts one entire week. By participating in the challenges (a mix of videos, photos, social media and trivia) employees will earn points that are added to their overall score. Winners are determined based on the trivia leaderboard, the number of completed challenges and how creative their media content is.

All photo and video content will be shared on a private social media board within the app so participants can connect in a safe and supportive virtual space. This allows them to feel like they are part of the team even when they are not in the same physical building, and you get to keep all the images and movies for posterity once the event is done. The Virtual Wellness Challenge is perfect for groups that are looking to connect people who work in multiple different locations and is a great way to jump-start new health and wellness initiatives within your company.


Group Size

10-10000 people

Time Needed

1-100 days

Space Requirement

The best part about this program is that is done remotely through the Eloops app, so there is no need for you to get a venue or prepare an event space. You don’t even need participants to be in the same place! Everyone uses their own phone or tablet and logs in each day to complete their challenges. When your event is over we will post the final scoreboard and announce a winner virtually!

Ideal For
  • Focusing your corporate culture on health and wellness
  • Connecting employees who work remotely or in different locations
  • Boosting company morale and increasing productivity
  • Providing long-term benefits for each participant and the group as a whole

This event is customizable and we are happy to include company-specific branding, trivia, and challenges.

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