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Remote Productivity for Teams

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In our Virtual Training Workshops, you’ll share a profound learning experience together – remotely.

Group Size


Time Needed

1-3 hrs

Space Requirement

We deliver this program primarily through Zoom. Other platforms like WebEx, Ziteboard, Miro, Mural can also be used, or we can use a meeting technology of your choice.

Ideal For

Perfect for remote teams looking to:

  • Improve their team’s interpersonal skills
  • Enhance communication and productivity.
  • Increase the effectiveness of group meetings.
  • Develop a shared language among team members
  • Understand the strengths/weaknesses & communication styles of their team
  • Navigate conflict more successfully


All Virtual Training Workshops are tailored given consideration to group size, geographical location and time zone. Reach out to us for any further customizations.

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Effective Virtual Meetings

Scroll down for more choices on our Virtual Training Workshops. All workshops can be customized to your company’s goals and needs.

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Working at Home Efficiently Clip - From Webinar

In this quick example webinar, Rob shares with us how to face the challenges of working from home and how to overcome them for peak productivity and to keep your work/life balance intact. Learn more about how you can train your team to work efficiently in the full-length program.

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Working at Home Effectively

Scroll down for more choices on our Virtual Training Workshops. All workshops can be customized to your company’s goals and needs.

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Examine how to leverage working from home to be most productive and happy. Look at the challenges of working from home and learn how to overcome them. Learn the ideal home office setup, how to structure your days for peak productivity and keep work/life balance intact.

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Leverage unique opportunities and minimize inherent challenges that inevitably happen when you take your meetings online. Increase team engagement and interactivity while keeping everyone focused.

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Discover how to stay happy and healthy in world of fear and uncertainty. Learn what happens to the brain during uncertainty and how to get back to calm. Find out techniques to keep your body healthy through eating properly, movement and enough sleep.

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Learn the best techniques to command presence and engage your virtual audience – from proper lighting, screen location and distance, where to look while speaking, to how to capture attention through emotions, story, tone of voice.

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Encourage & Motivate your Team

There are positive aspects of working from home, so learn how to leverage them!

In this series of Virtual Training Workshops, we make sure you utilize the best aspects of working from home and use them to train your team. Learn from a variety of best practices with your host, Rob Fletcher who has worked with more than 200 hundred companies and non-profits for the past 25 years, helping more than a half-million people with his dynamic and positive strengths-based message. Rob has been with TeamBonding for 20+ years and is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant.

Learn Best Practices

Examine how to leverage working from home to be the most productive and happy.

• Set up your ideal home office
• How to create boundaries to keep home-life distractions out
• Communication principles for virtual team members
• Choice points to pay attention to
• Overcome feeling isolated
• Leverage the positive aspects of working from home
• Overcome working from home challenges
• Bold ideas to help you get more work done more efficiently

Learn to Minimize Inherent Challenges

Increase team engagement and interactivity while keeping everyone focused.

• The best technology to use and best way to use it
• Scheduling and structuring agendas and guidelines
• Camera, microphone and lighting tips
• What’s most important before, beginning, during, and ending the meeting
• Virtual team meeting etiquette
• Increasing engagement virtually
• Brainstorming virtually
• Follow-through on commitments

Virtual Training Workshops

Get everyone on the same page, while staying productive and happy!

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Our Virtual Training Workshops are the solution for remote company productivity.

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Even with all of the packaged event options we offer, you may need something different. Maybe a special conference theme, favorite management book, ideal training model or a unique set of learning outcomes… We can help.

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