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Versatile and Agile - It's What Teams are Made of

Program Overview

Versagility is a high-energy team building activity that has something for everyone.  The aim of the team challenges is for each team to earn the most points.  Teams do this by completing challenges of their choice from a booklet/library of challenges.  The harder the challenge – the more points they earn.

Teams dictate their own approach to the task and must plan and prioritize which tasks are worth the most to them.   They will demonstrate their “Versatility” and their “Agility” by competing in a wide variety of point winning challenges ranging from the crazy to the outright spectacular.  Teams choose challenges from a wide range of categories from complex problem-solving tasks to performance, physical feats of skill and tests of business related knowledge and insight. Winning teams will need to draw upon the diversity of their team to cover as many areas of skill and contribution as possible.

Change is not something that happens; it’s a choice. Be amazed at the power of your team in adapting to new challenges!


 innovative team buildingThis is an Innovation Lab program. We always have some fresh new team building brainstorm under development. Remember, every event we offer has to start somewhere. The opportunity for you? A deeply discounted, deeply memorable experience when you let us test-drive our latest creation on your team. Of course, we’ll want photos and video – you will, too.  Visit our Innovation Lab >


Group Size

12 - 1000

Time Needed

1 - 3 hours

Space Requirement

This event can be indoors or out – but is better as an indoor event.

Ideal For
  • Friendly Competition
  • Communication
  • Fun & Engaging Interaction
  • Performance and Continuous Improvement

Just like the name of the program, Versagility is versatile and agile.  This dynamic activity that can be as short as an hour or as long as 3 – 4 hours.  It can be done over a dinner, in a single session or over a number of sessions/days, or across the whole conference.  We can add or delete tasks according to levels of learning, availability of equipment and the number of staff or participants you have.


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