Trade Winds

Teams compete in trading to increase their wealth

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Trade Winds is a highly immersive pirate-themed game that explores negotiation, information gathering and networking. In this quick and clever activity, teams use effective communication, networking skills and learn the importance of positive relationships to increase their wealth through trading with other teams.  Although this is a competitive exercise, the best teams are those that collaborate with others to build win-win outcomes while at the same time focusing on their own bottom-line results.


Group Size


Time Needed

2-3 hours

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Space Requirement

This is an indoor activity so we will need a large, private function space with a round table for each team. Chairs for each participant are optional. A stage area at the front of the room is needed, as well as several long tables for event materials. If the group is larger than 50 people we will also need a microphone and speaker setup. Pirate costumes are encouraged.

Ideal For

This event is perfect for groups looking to:

  • Develop strategy and decision making
  • Improve communication skills
  • Manage risks
  • Develop better team dynamics
  • Have fun


As with all TeamBonding events, we are happy to customize this event by incorporating your company message into the introduction and debrief.

Event Description

Trade Winds is an incredibly versatile event that grabs the participant’s attention immediately and always creates a highly charged atmosphere. The crux of the game centers on establishing trust in customer relationships, and how the teams manage this is the key to their success.

Each team plays the crew of a pirate ship that arrives with a hull full of ‘booty’ to trade. Their goal is to accumulate treasure by building relationships with other traders in port while using their guile to gather vital market information. The game takes place in four cycles, each representing one year that commences with teams trading and ends with them returning to port to collect a bounty on certain goods.

As the game progresses, teams develop trading relationships with other teams and share gained knowledge. Once the 4 years are complete, the team that has acquired the most ‘booty’ is announced the winner and a debrief takes place where successful strategies are shared and pertinent learnings are applied to the workplace.

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